Things I Will Never Understand:

  • How I ALWAYS empty the bottle of conditioner before the shampoo.
  • How my dog is not bald after shedding insane amounts of hair for months.
  • Why I can’t keep on top of laundry for my little family of 3.
  • How kid’s nails & feet grow so stinking fast.
  • Why my keys always get eaten by my purse.
  • How all the Food Network I watch hasn’t rubbed off on me one bit.
  • Why our sliding glass door always sticks. Grrrr.
  • Why I insist on helping my husband find a parking spot, as if he can’t figure it out on his own. I have control issues.

6 Responses to “Things I Will Never Understand:”

  1. Nicole Says:

    funny…i always empty the shampoo first!

    and i hear ya about the kids’ fingernails. it’s so annoying. i feel like i’m always clipping someone’s little nails.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I like your last point…I do the same thing!

  3. Scott Says:

    Amanda helps me find parking spots…but she only points out the ones that I have already past!

  4. Ron Says:

    Well. At the risk of sounding perverted, which I am not and I certainly don’t mean to sound that way, if you and Nicole would shower together you’d run out of shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

    Problem solved. No charge.

  5. Two Lines On a Stick Says:

    Wow, a bottle of conditioner lasts me through almost two bottles of shampoo. I am always afraid if I use to much my hair will look oily. And I help Jonathon find parking spaces too!

  6. Jaycie Says:

    Forget the dog….I’m always wondering how I’m not bald after the insane amount of hair I shed!

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