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Yup, That’s My Kid

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I was just watching the last video I posted of Elle. And I noticed that her shorts are unbuttoned the entire time. Ahhh, that’s my girl.

In other news, my brother & sister-in-law (Scott & Amanda) will be in town this weekend. They will be staying at our house, along with their new puppy, Wrigley. Then, towards the end of the weekend, my parents will be coming out too. It will be so fun to have everyone together at least for a day. But the real fun part will be Sunday night when we have the bachelorette Party for Laura (the boys will be having their bachelor gig that night as well).

Can I just say that coming up with a fun idea for a “clean” bachelorette party is hard. Guys can do go do something active, followed by going out for drinks & be totally happy. But girls, it’s harder…not all girls are active (ie: me…or Laura…or Alisha (but Amanda is active, she makes us all look bad)) so that isn’t necessarily a good idea. Going dancing or “clubbing” isn’t really our thing. We’re thinking that we will be going to a spa for manicures, then to dinner, & maybe out for dessert or drinks. We’re wild!



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our girl had a rough day yesterday. She has evolved into quite a klutz lately. Miss Laurie & I often joke about her bumps & bruises, but yesterday was an especially bad day. She started off the morning by having a block thrown at her face by a 1 year old at Miss Laurie’s. It left a lovely gash under she left eye. Fortunately it didn’t bruise, but it is pretty swollen.

She also fell twice at Miss Laurie’s house & skinned both her knees. Then, later that evening, she fell and ended up making both knees worse. Check out her poor knees in the picture. You should see her walk with those band-aids, it’s pretty sad.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She hasn’t quite yet figured pedaling out, but she sure has fun trying.

It’s Tough Being 2

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Psst…over here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I’ve got a few secrets to share. But, I’m afraid to jinx myself…so let’s keep it quiet.

  • First of all, I went to the gym today. I…ummm…didn’t hate it. Shhhh!
  • I weighted myself. I’ve lost 5 lbs. Ok, so I know it’s isn’t a huge accomplishment but I’m excited. Especially considering my inconsistent workout schedule.
  • You burn a LOT more calories on a bicycle machine than an elliptical or treadmill. When I say a lot, I mean like 8 times more. Who cares if I have flabby arms.
  • I’m declaring Elle “At Home Potty Trained”. Well, with the exception of poop…but she’s made a TON of headway since Friday. I was ready to throw in the towel, but I gave it one last try. She went cold turkey in big girl panties. There were zero accidents all day Friday & Saturday. (There was technically 1 accident…but it was on our part not hers. We gave her lunch without making her to go the bathroom first. FYI: new potty-trainers won’t notice that they have to go to the bathroom while they are eating.)
  • Leaving the house without a diaper/pull-up is a scary thought. It may never happen.

I’m off to mow the front yard. Remember, keep it quiet…ssshhhh.