Only For A Child


Sunday night we had one of those moments that I know I will never forget. We had just finished up a birthday celebration with family at Macaroni Grill. In our car was Joe, Elle, Laura, Chris, & myself. Elle was in the mood to sing…so of course she insisted that all of us join in. And of course, I didn’t have my camera with us.

We spent the ride home singing ABCDEFG (as Elle calls it), Itsy Bitsy Spider, My God is So Big So Strong & So Mighty, and doing “round robin” ABCs. It was pretty classic to have all 5 of us singing these songs. Then Elle wanted to do her new favorite thing. She wanted to sing My God Is So Big So Strong & So Mighty in silly ways. We sang it loud, quiet, regular, fast & slow. (Btw, I recommend doing this with your kids. It teaches them what these words mean, but also adds new life to the songs that you are burnt out on.)

I find it pretty hilarious to see the crazy things that kids can get adults to do. Feel free to share some ridiculous things that a child has managed to get you to do.


4 Responses to “Only For A Child”

  1. Ron Says:

    Oh my. You don’t even want to ask. 🙂 Just look through our old family photo albums!

    I do have this mental image of the 5 of you doing this with (actually FOR) Elle. What a great family!

  2. laurabell Says:

    you probably don’t believe this….but i’ve been singing “my god is so big so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my god cannot do!” at my desk since monday morning.

    it confuses my coworkers 🙂

  3. kellimcgill Says:

    have you been singing it loud, quiet, fast & slow??? it really is the only way to do it.

  4. laurabell Says:

    yes 🙂 i’ve been a bit scatter brained lately…so it just proves to everyone that i’m officially losing it.

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