The Slumber Party is Over


Since Chris moved in back in February, I have had a wonderful excuse to have a slumber party several weekends a month. Laura pretty much crashed at our house every other weekend for the past 7 months. This past weekend was our last sleepover (I guess we weren’t offically having a sleep over, but it is more fun to call it that). She is moving into her new apartment this weekend & will be 15 minutes away at all time, not really long enough to merit sleeping at our house.

Her 2nd to last weekend here was probably the most memorable. You see, we both changed her flat tire (in my driveway). First we aired up the tire, but it was quickly leaking the air so we knew we had to put the spare on. At that point, our only option was to put on the spare tire ourselves. I googled “how to change a tire” & we watched a couple how to videos, gave ourselves a little pep talk & headed outside (still in our PJs). The hardest part was figuring out how to open her tire-iron (that’s what it is called, right?). Anyway, long story short, we did it!

When we were putting the lug nuts back on the car, I said to Laura, “We are officially adults!” She is 2 months from being married and 6 months from having her MBA, I have 5 years of marriage under my belt & have birth a child…but NOW we are adults.

Other highlights from our slumber parties:

  • Eating a healthy lunch of Mac & Cheese with Hotdogs. I told Elle to be careful because it was hot. She informed me that “it’s not hot, Yabbi (Laura) is hot.” Yabbi was flattered.
  • Hand making her wedding invitations. It was a lot of work, but the look amazing!
  • Lusting over really nice scissors (wow, we are adults…nice scissors excite us).
  • Crying while watching “PS: I Love You”
  • Giving each other moral support when feel the shopping urge.
  • Plotting ways to not have Pizza Street (Chris’s favorite) for dinner.


3 Responses to “The Slumber Party is Over”

  1. Ron Says:

    Kelli forgot to tell you that she has AAA to change tire for free.

    i love the pic.

  2. Ron Says:

    What is “Pizza Street” and how do I get this amazing treat?
    (the real Ron)

  3. laurabell Says:

    “We are like real people now!”

    i love this post and i’m gonna miss our slumber parties sooo much. thanks for always being so hospitable đŸ™‚

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