You Read This & You’re Gonna Want Chocolate


I’m exhausted. It has been a very full 4 days. This weekend Alisha (my aunt), Amanda (my sister in law) & I threw a bridal shower for Laura. We did a chocolate theme, which fits Laura any woman perfectly, but that meant that nearly all the prep work had to be done right before the shower to ensure freshness (typing that made me feel like I know something about baking). So Friday Alisha & I cracked out a zillion cookies. We had plates of cookies as centerpieces on each table.

Then Saturday we trekked over to Illinois for the shower. Which by the way, Elle was totally confused that we were having a “shower” for Laura. It was pretty funny. Amanda’s mom made an amazing TIERED BROWNIE. Man, that thing was tasty, not to mention gorgeous.

Laura moved into their new apartment on Thursday & she was in desperate need of this bridal shower. Neither she or Chris ever lived outside of their parent houses (well, Chris is living here now…but you know what I mean) so they had not even a towel between the 2 of them.

All of us girl: Alisha, Amanda, Laura, Me & my Mom.


3 Responses to “You Read This & You’re Gonna Want Chocolate”

  1. jamie Says:

    You girls did such a nice job on her shower ~ and the bags of cookies I brought home have already been inhaled by some teens and college kids that have been through here the last couple of days with lots of compliments to the chefs 🙂

  2. Ron Says:

    Nice. Me … need … CHOCOLATE!

  3. Bella Says:

    Kelli it was seriously the best shower i’ve ever been to. Not JUST because I got a car full of new toys…but because you and the girls seriously pulled together the best, most unannoying, shower in the history of showers.

    Thank you sooooo much. I appreciate it like crazy!!

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