Earlier tonight we had the Fundamental Elements “family” over for dinner. It was really nice to be able to spend an evening with the people that I only see once every few months in a loud, crowded bar late on a Saturday night. It was wonderful to have a conversation not have to be yelling over music. Us girls all get along so well, but we all live apart from each other & have our own separate lives, yet there is still this bond that brings us all together. Our husbands are musicians & trying to follow their dreams of playing for a living. It isn’t easy, but supporting them is all we can do. We call ourselves the Fundies Undies because we “support” our boys like a good pair of briefs.

When Joe first joined the band, several of my friends kept checking on me to make sure that I was ok with him being gone so much. Honestly, I didn’t love his travel schedule…but I did love how happy playing this music made him. If you have ever known a musician who isn’t playing music you understand what I mean. Musicians are literally wired to play music (example, right now Joe is sitting across the room from me reading a book on leadership and he is drumming a beat on his chest)…and if they aren’t making music they are miserable. A year and a half ago, Joe had been in a rough spot & wasn’t playing much music. It was starting to take a toll on him (and me). He needed this band…and I needed him to join this band. He started playing again & it was like I had my Joe back. Sure he was physically gone more, but he was “back” & it was totally worth it.

I fear the day when Joe is needing to quit his day job (the money making job) so he can do this music thing full time. I’m sure I’ll need the support of my co-Fundies Undies even more at that point. Plus, I’ll need you all to remind me how good this band is for him (& I’ll need you all to mail me checks for large amounts of money…but that’s a whole other post).

Wow, this post was intended to be about our fun evening & the fact that there were 13 people in my house tonight. I kinda ended up spilling my guts, guess there were some things that I needed to get off my chest!


2 Responses to “Bonded”

  1. Ron Says:

    There will never come a day that you will not have our listening ear, our loving heart, and our total support. In whatever form that might take. We love you. We love your … OUR … family. And we are so glad that the band is doing great.

    Life is an adventure and you never get to see around the corner. So just enjoy the ride!

    (and I totally understand the “spilling my guts” in a blog thing. that’s why I have two of them!)

  2. Tammy (mom) Says:

    I love you for loving and “getting” Joe…. I am a MIL blessed!

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