Psst…over here


I’ve got a few secrets to share. But, I’m afraid to jinx myself…so let’s keep it quiet.

  • First of all, I went to the gym today. I…ummm…didn’t hate it. Shhhh!
  • I weighted myself. I’ve lost 5 lbs. Ok, so I know it’s isn’t a huge accomplishment but I’m excited. Especially considering my inconsistent workout schedule.
  • You burn a LOT more calories on a bicycle machine than an elliptical or treadmill. When I say a lot, I mean like 8 times more. Who cares if I have flabby arms.
  • I’m declaring Elle “At Home Potty Trained”. Well, with the exception of poop…but she’s made a TON of headway since Friday. I was ready to throw in the towel, but I gave it one last try. She went cold turkey in big girl panties. There were zero accidents all day Friday & Saturday. (There was technically 1 accident…but it was on our part not hers. We gave her lunch without making her to go the bathroom first. FYI: new potty-trainers won’t notice that they have to go to the bathroom while they are eating.)
  • Leaving the house without a diaper/pull-up is a scary thought. It may never happen.

I’m off to mow the front yard. Remember, keep it quiet…ssshhhh.

7 Responses to “Psst…over here”

  1. Ron Says:

    (I’m whispering) Uhhhh … it was totally your fault that there was one accident? How does that work? Did you pee her pants?

    Just curious…

    Oh, and if I had my way you would still be in a diaper/pull-up. But mom said “no.”

  2. Jeremy N Says:

    why are YOU mowing the front yard??? Is joe gone?? 😉

  3. Tiffany Says:

    nah…just always have a change of clothes on hand…or two. 🙂

  4. Tammy (mom) Says:

    proud of both my girls… good job!

  5. kellimcgill Says:

    I love that Jeremy questioned the lawn mowing 🙂 Joe’s gone literally every night this week & all weekend. He did manage to mow the very hilly backyard last night before it got dark. Thanks, Jer!

  6. kellimcgill Says:

    Oh & Tiff…it’s not the change of clothes I’m worried about…its the puddle on the floor of the grocery store or in the bottom of the carseat. Ick.

  7. Ron Says:

    From Mom

    Now it begins…..Visiting every rest room in town.

    have fun.

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