She hasn’t quite yet figured pedaling out, but she sure has fun trying.


4 Responses to “Cycling…Kinda”

  1. Ron Says:

    Ahhhh! The tricycle! That was some of the best money I ever spent! And I’m glad to see the helmet on that little head.

    (Gotcha, Butch!)

  2. Scott Says:

    I have seen joe ride a bike…he doesn’t use the pedals either.

  3. Tammy (mom) Says:

    stop it… she is growing way too fast… first potty trained now cyclist.. stop the madness..

  4. mcgilla Says:

    i heard you say she was “at home potty trained” a couple of days ago…. does that mean she’s not wearing a diaper in these pictures…. cuz if not that girl’s got serious junk =) she didn’t get her booty from her momma or her aunt kiki

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