1 More Day


If Elle goes all day tomorrow without any “accidents” she will have met her goal & will be granted her bribe gift. Is it bad that I have bribed her with a toy in order to get her to pee in the darn potty? I don’t think so. Hopefully I’m not ruining her for life.

Potty training has been interesting & more than anything I think it has been training myself. Bottom line, I have to be consistent in taking her to the bathroom on a schedule. Her bladder is much smaller than mine & she needs to empty it more…it’s pretty much that simple right now.

This week, she has been diaper free (unless she’s sleeping) inside & outside the house. Her sitter has been fabulous about it all. But can I just say that public restrooms with a toddler is terrifying? People don’t talk about it. Why? My very curious 2 year old want to touch everything in the restroom. Everything. Used to be that I would carry her into the bathroom, quickly change her diaper on the changing table, carry her to the sink, wash our hands & out we’d go. She’d touch nothing but the paper towel that I handed her. Now that she uses the toilet, I’m pretty sure that If i turned my back for one second, she would roll around on the floor and absorb as much filth as humanly possible.

Tonight we met our friends, the Burggraafs, for dinner. One the way home, Elle declared that she needed to go potty. We were about 30 minutes from home so I knew that having her “hold it” wasn’t an option. The closest bathroom was West County Mall. So as quickly as possible, I pulled into the parking garage. God had favor on me & we found a spot right by the door. I grabbed her & carried her as quickly as possible to the family bathroom.

When we got in the bathroom, I was pretty excited to see that the family bathroom has a little toilet & a big toilet. Perfect, cause I had to go too. I stood Elle on the floor, had her “pull her stuff down” while I got the seat cover situated. Once I got her seated, I took care of my “business” & looked over at my daughter to find that she didn’t have any shoes or socks on. She loves to take her shoes off nearly every time we are in the car and apparently today was no different, except that I was in such a rush to get her to the potty that I didn’t notice that she was shoe-less. Perfect. Of course, she hops down after doing her “thing” and basically traipses around the bathroom while I am frantically getting things gathered & grab her as quickly as possible.

It was lovely. But the bottom line is that she was accident free yet again.


8 Responses to “1 More Day”

  1. jimbarnard Says:

    alisha was accident free today too!

  2. Nicole Says:

    a. yay elle!

    b. bribes are fine when you’re potty training if you ask me.

    c. she’s probably going to be on a schedule for a while; don’t let that make you think she’s not making progress. it just takes a long time for most of them to really just go when they have to. plus, you’ll always have her go before you leave the house and before nap/bed, so that takes care of a lot of her schedule right there.

    d. on public restrooms. ick. all i can suggest is a stern lecture, watching her like a hawk, scrubbing her down and then germ-x after you leave the bathroom.

  3. Ron Says:

    I feel like a total “mom” telling you this but here goes. A nurse told me last week that “Germ X” and other brands of germ killing anti-bacterial hand cleaners only work 3 times and then you have to use real soap and water. Then you get to restart your “3 count.” Good to know.

    Do you remember our Christopher story at Busch Stadium when he was like … 5 years old? Public restrooms can be terrifying with kids!

  4. mcgilla Says:

    Congrats!! she’s such a big girl!!! And in the long run… what’s super disgusting feet compared to a potty trained little girl? feet will wash.

  5. jmlange13 Says:

    Good job, Elle! Good job, Elle’s mommy!

    We have a newly-potty-trained Rebecca story about public restrooms. (And I did ask her if it was ok for me to share this.) When R was 2 1/2 we went to Disney World. Those restrooms were very nice and very high tech. You didn’t have to touch anything to make water run, towels deliver themselves or toilets flush. Well as a fairly newly potty trained little person those restrooms were a thing of holy terror!!! The sensor for the flushing mechanisms was higher up than her little self so the toilet would flush while she was sitting on it. This was the stuff of nightmares for a 2 year old. After one trip to the restroom she would not use them again. At. All. She would go into a total panic if I headed to the restroom with her. She insisted that she would just hold it until we got back to where we were staying. And you know what? She did. I lived in fear that she would wet herself during the days at Disney World because of her refusal to use the scary toilets but that never happened.

    While we were there I was feeling regret that we had potty trained her *before* we went to DW; however, she showed me that she was trained better than I thought.

  6. Dad (Butch) Says:

    Congratulations to both Elle and Mom(Kelli) but sometimes I wonder …………”Who is being trained?”

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  8. Tiffany Says:

    just wait till you go into one that is revolting and you have no choice but to use it! it’s pure horror. i’ve given Coop a total bath after a yucky experience…all I can say is EWWWWW!

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