Rules Are Made To Be Broken…Until Now


Lately, Joe & I have been finding ourselves being a little inconsistent in our parenting jargon. There were many time when I felt myself on the verge of a “because I said so” moment. Plus, we wanted to make sure that Elle knows what we expect of her.  Can you tell that I used to be an elementary school teacher?

So we decided to be all Super Nanny & write out our house rules. We wanted to be simple enough for her to understand but timeless enough to not need to change the rules in 6 months. And my super creative husband had the idea of drawing a picture next to each rule so she would look at them and moderately understand them.

Elle sat right on the floor next to us as Joe wrote them out & drew the pictures. We explained the rules along the way & rule #4 was all hers. We told her that she could add any rule she wanted. Several days ago she said a rule was “be crazy” so we were expecting that again (and I was kinda hoping because I thought it would be cute). But tonight she came up with “be safe” which we also liked.

We hung the rules on the wall in her room (up high so she won’t ruin them). And her new timeout spot is on the floor under the rules. How’s that for symbolic!? She already tried the spot out once last night.

Here is Joe reviewing (for the 4th time) the rules. We were pleasantly surprised how well she knew them:


6 Responses to “Rules Are Made To Be Broken…Until Now”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I love this idea. I will have to keep this idea in the back of my mind for the years from now when I have my own kids.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Sweet Elle doesn’t get in trouble, does she?

    Great idea to put rules in writing (and pictures!)

  3. mcgilla Says:

    CUTE! my rules for the kids at the Y are 1. listen the 1st time 2. no whining 3. stay with the group

    they add their own things every now and then too…. like kissing is only for married people. =)

  4. Ron Says:

    5. Hug Grandparents.

  5. Scott Says:

    my kids will only have one rule…
    1. always stop after three beers.

    That solves a lot of problems.

    Oh, and you cannot watch the “Wizard of Oz” if you live under this roof…those monkeys are creepy!

  6. Ron Says:

    What? The monkey’s rule! WHO’S SON ARE YOU ANYWAY?

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