ABC Caterpillar


Well, I just finished up my chat at the Moms & Tots group.  It was a lot of fun & hopefully the other moms went away with some ideas that they will be able to use.  I decided that since I spent so much time the last few weeks working on stuff that I would share some ideas here occasionally.

One of the 1st things Elle & I did was create a ABC Caterpillar for her bedroom.  She loves to sing her ABCs but can’t really identify any of the letters yet (except for E & W…I have no idea where she learned W, but she loves it).  Anyway, what I did was cut out 27 circles on scrapbooking paper (several different designs that all coordinate with her room).

The first circle I created a face for the caterpillar.  I used buttons for the eyes & pipecleaners for the mouth & antenea.  On each of the other circles I put a letter sticker.  I bought vinyl letter stickers in the camping section at Walmart (they are the stickers that you put on boats, mailboxes, etc).  They were super cheap, a pack of the entire alphabet (with like 4 or 5 of each letter) was only a dollar or two.

I bough white letters, but when I put them on the scrapbooking paper, you couldn’t see them too well.  So I ended up coloring all of them silver with a sharpie.  If I were going it again, I would buy black letter.  Live and learn.

Anyway, once I had a letter on each circle, I put them up on Elle’s bedroom wall.  We just used scotch tape attatch each circle low to the ground.  I wanted it to be low so she could lay on the floor and look at the letters.  It ended up being a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.  The poor caterpillar ended up wrapping around onto a different wall.  You could also do the same thing with numbers, if you don’t have much wall space.

She loves it, and it helps her to identify each letter.  We point to them as we sing & she like to point out the E & W.  Whenever we have a visitor to the house, she always wants to show them her caterpillar.  They are probably surprised to walk into her room and find a ABC caterpillar taped to her wall & not a real insect.  It will be fun to watch her slowly identify each and every letter.

8 Responses to “ABC Caterpillar”

  1. Ron Says:

    this is grandma

    my first thought was E for ELLE, W for WOODS. SHE NOT A WOODS


  2. Nicole Says:

    Kelli, this is so cute!

  3. kellimcgill Says:

    Mom/Ron: FYI: Elle Woods is the main character on Legally Blond. 🙂 When we were in search of a middle name someone suggested using my middle name…nope, not an option.

  4. Julie Says:

    I had a blast at the moms and tots. I am so excited to get more involved with other moms. If you ever need any help, let me know.

    I just can’t wait to use some of the things I learned today.

  5. mcgilla Says:


  6. Amanda Says:

    Kelli, I absolutely love it!!! Where do you guys come up with these things??

  7. Ron Says:

    I’ve never been called Mom Ron before. It sounds like a new ride at 6 Flags. “Dude! Have you ridden the MomRon yet? It’s crazy!”

  8. Judy(Mom) Says:

    The MomRon sounds like something that would make me throw-up. But, I am getting old. However, I LOVE the caterpiller! What a cute idea. I miss my little Elle. Taking two classes is murder. 😦

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