Quit Stalling


We had a super busy weekend (Hotel McGill was filled was filled to capacity)…but I am not yet ready to write about it.  I’m too tired to even think about it.  So, instead I thought I would share a fun idea.  This was something that I stumbled upon when I was doing research for the little discussion group that I spoke at few weeks ago.

All kids love to sit and read books, right?  Well, if they are anything like Elle, book reading is a great way to stall at bedtime.  So, next time they conveniently can’t decide on 1 book at bed time, play this:

Spin The Bottle:  (G Version)

(FYI:  that is a pic I took in the office at work…Elle doesn’t have fingernails quite that pretty…and I have carpet a tad less blue at home).

2 Responses to “Quit Stalling”

  1. Nicole Says:

    who doesn’t love church-blue carpet?

    sadly, the boys’ room has blue carpet that i’ve wanted to replace forever. my dream may come true in the next few months!

    great idea, btw. i’ve never seen a g-rated game of spin the bottle.

  2. Ron Says:

    Good game! I’ll try it on your mom.

    You have earned a HUGE rest after your weekend. I pray that you get it. Maybe tonight you can cozy up on your couch and enjoy your husband and daughter. Bring in some “carry-out” and do a lot of nutten!

    Oh, and I have blue office carpet too. Where did this madness begin???

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