Colorado Part III


Ok, I gotta write this all down. The memories are quickly fading. Saturday started off with the girls rushing out the door to have breakfast at a local bakery. It was nice for us all to relax and get to try to make Laura feel as special as possible.

After breakfast we ran a few errands & met up at the hair salon…Oh, the hair salon. The salon was SO expensive and SO odd. Everyone’s hair turned out great, but I made them re-do mine. The first “do” she gave me made me look like a soccer mom (no offense, to you actual soccer moms out there). The stylist (whom, btw, had half pink half bleach blond, completely fried hair) sat me in her chair after washing my hair & asked, “do you want big hair or smooth and sleek hair?” Laura (aka, the bride) immediately piped up, “BIG HAIR!” Being the good bridesmaid that I am I said, “Big hair it is.” The stylist said, “Go big or go home!” YIKES! I know pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be good. Stylist & I began joking about how big my hair was, Laura & Alisha quickly noticed that it wasn’t looking too good. As soon as she finished my hair, I turned to look at Alisha & Laura & they both busted up laughing at my hair. The stylist had to walk out of the room because she was laughing so hard. We decided to let it “sit” for a while & see if it died down. It didn’t. She has someone else re-do it. It ended up…fine. Here is me while letting it “sit”. Alisha wanted to take a picture of me with this hair sitting in a mini-van.

The wedding went off without a hitch. It was simply beautiful. Laura made a gorgeous bride (big shock, I know). As we were sitting at our table at the reception, it was Chris, Laura, Scott, Amanda, Jim, Alisha, Joe & me, Joe made a comment about how much he likes our family. We are so blessed to have a family that we click with so well. We all have a blast EVERY time we are together. I can wait to watch our families grow and mature for the next several years. Now you’re all married…go make Elle some cousins!

Here is the BEAUTIFUL bride & my newest sister! (btw, I’ll post some pictures of me in my dress (& re-done hair) as soon as I get some.)


4 Responses to “Colorado Part III”

  1. jmlange13 Says:

    Big hair is so NOT you! LOL! You were a good sport to allow a photo.

  2. Scott Says:

    “go big or go home”

    -That’s what she said.

  3. Ron Says:

    So, Scott. I guess you went home, huh?

  4. kellimcgill Says:

    stop it.

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