Terrible Twos


We’re going through a bit of a rough patch with the parenting section in our lives. Elle is trying to push the boundaries & see how much she can get away with. I don’t like it, it isn’t fun. I get a little nervous when people tell me that parenting a 3 year old is harder than a 2 year old. It doesn’t give me much hope on bad days.

One of our biggest issues is that “time out” doesn’t seem to faze this child at all. She will literally sit in time out and be completely content for a LONG time. We are going to have to pull some new trick out of our hat soon…if only we had a new trick in mind. Any suggestions in this department?

She totally knows her rules. In fact, she can repeat them to you at any moment. Does that mean that she always follows them? HA!

Although I am beginning to realize that the more energy I put into her & the more attention I pay to her, the better things are. I think a lot of our “issues” due to boredom. She just trying to get my attention. I unfortunately can’t play with her 24 hours a day. But, I must admit, I could put a bigger effort into focusing on her.


2 Responses to “Terrible Twos”

  1. beingmade Says:

    Two was so rough for us/me with Carolyn. Three has been SO MUCH more fun.

    Time outs didn’t phase her either until she was closer to three (most days it seemed like nothing would , and we tried EVERYTHING), and now, for whatever reason, they are very effective.

    I don’t have any advice really. My girls get my attention in the same ways…. and the more effort I put into our relationship the better their behavior. My big Aha in the last few months has been whenever I dole out any sort of consequence to be sure to re-enforce my love at the end of it. Now that Carolyn has more language I do an entire debrief with ‘what did you do wrong? Why was it wrong? How can you do better? I know you’re going to show me what a good job you are going to do at ____ now.” and a hug.

    I will say hang in there. Two nearly undid me with Carolyn (I’m holding my breath with Abbie), but three has been just plain fun.

  2. Ron Says:

    Finally. You lived long enough for Elle to be sweet revenge for what you did to your mom and I. šŸ™‚

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