Apparently I’m the Coolest


Sorry for all these posts about my parenting woes, but it’s reality for me right now.  Elle has always been a very social child.  She loves her mom, but is completely content with other people.  A lot of that is probably due to the fact that we are always on the go.    Everyone in our lives loves her, she walks around our church (it’s a relatively large church) as if she is a celebrity.  There has never been a stranger in her short little life.

The past week has been a little different.  Suddenly when ever I am leaving her with someone she basically freaks out.  Her babysitter, her Sunday school teacher, whoever.  On Sunday her teachers were in shock as I dropped her off & she wailed as I turned away.  This morning (along with every morning this week) she balled as I left her at Miss Lauries house.  As I was walking down her driveway (in the pouring rain) I could hear her screaming.

It was bound to happen, right?  All kids go through separation anxiety & it won’t last forever.  I just keep telling myself that I must be the coolest person she knows because she wants to spend time with me.


6 Responses to “Apparently I’m the Coolest”

  1. Ron Says:

    Could this be connected to the fact that she just took the longest trip of her life? Her routine was turned upside down, spending multiple nights waking up in a bed that wasn’t hers? I don’t know. Just wondering if those things subconciously ganged up on her and is driving her closer to her normal ties and the security of mom and dad.

    Either way, know that it is a compliment your daughter is paying you (even though it’s a loud one.)

    Just my thoughts which are worth exactly what you paid for them …

  2. Ron Says:


    Actually, it probably was not the longest trip of her life. I forgot that she wasn’t in Colorado as long as I was. Oops.

  3. Nicole Says:

    a. elle is a celebrity.

    b. you are the coolest.

    c. your dad’s probably right.

    d. or, sometimes, just for fun, they start a new stage that is difficult to pinpoint. bennett is suddenly worried about me picking him up from school, church, etc. for no apparent reason.

  4. Mom/Judy Says:

    Re: Nicole’s comment, all of the above. Normal stuff, dear. You’re doing an amazing job with her, so don’t worry! The key is consistency! She will push the boundaries and continue to try you on a regular basis, so just hunker down and be prepared. That’s just part of it. But – it gives you the ability to show your creativity! You are doing just fine!! XOXO

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Kel, trust me, a lot of this stuff is just two-year old stuff. Next year, Elle will exchange these things for a bunch of new things. Cooper used to fall apart when I left him in his Sunday school class/MOPs class/etc. Now, he could care less that I’m leaving and is totally stoked to see his teachers. When I walk by the two’s class on MOPs mornings, they are all crying and the three-year olds are party-harty. Don’t worry. You are doing a great job!

    Oh and a friend here taught me something really helpful. She said I had to find Cooper’s commodity. What is it that Cooper really loves that I could take away? (Because timeouts weren’t working for him) Well, it was tv. So instead of giving timeouts, we take things away these days; books, tv, coloring, whatever it is that we know he loves is utilized. (And since Cooper is really social, sometimes removing him from people is his punishment-we send him to his room) It works, but you also have to deal with the freak out session that will follow because they CANT BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY TOOK IT AWAY! ha ha hah ha…Think of the things Elle truely treasures and enjoys and then experiment with them.

    Sorry for the long post-you’re doin’ great!

  6. neeser Says:

    Ditto on the taking things away. Our oldest had a big freak-out the first few times we did this too, but it was very effective. Still is at 6 years old.

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