Is That a Cake?


This weekend was Chris & Laura’s wedding reception for local folks that couldn’t go to Colorado. On Friday I found this idea (here):

It’s a card box. Adorable, right? Well I decided that I needed to make one of these for Laura. Except there wasn’t much time. Friday night we had a bunch of our family over. Some of us made cookies, some of us worked on this craft, some of us provided entertainment, and most of us kept our pants on (don’t ask, it’s a long story).

The “cake” we were working on wasn’t going to well. The website says to use wrapping paper & Mod Podge. I highly recommend that you don’t use wrapping paper. It bubbles and wrinkles WAY too much. In fact, we ripped all the paper off the “cake” and scrapped the whole idea.

Saturday morning I woke up & decided that scrapbooking paper would work so much better. Mom & I ran to Archivers and found the most adorable paper. We came home & I cranked out this puppy (mom did the bow, I don’t do bows…I barely tie my shoes):

This is her at the reception:


7 Responses to “Is That a Cake?”

  1. mcgilla Says:

    VERY cute! If you ever do it again, i think you could use scraps of newspaper… or old music paper… like from an old hymnal to make it look like the example.

  2. kellimcgill Says:

    hymn pages or pages from an old yellowed book would work good if they are thick. thin (newpaper) pages don’t work well. it bubbles too much…trust me 😦

  3. Ron Says:

    you are going to TEAR UP a hymnal????

  4. Bella Says:

    i LOVED it! it was a total God thing that you gave the hat box card holder a second chance. imagine how awful the whole event would have been had we been forced to use that pearly lacey disaster of a card holder in it’s place?!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    So Cute! I love it!

  6. Two Lines On a Stick Says:

    That turned out great! I love it!

  7. jmlange13 Says:

    That just turned out wonderful! Good job!

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