Fast Forward


I caught a glimpse of the future today & it brought tears to my eyes (and we all know how much I like to cry).  As we were pulling up to her sitter’s house, we noticed that Laurie & one of the other kids were standing outside in the driveway.  I pulled up, jumped out, put Elle on the ground, helped her put her backpack on, kissed her head, sent her up the driveway to Ms. Laurie, & hopped in the car.

As I was pulling away she turned and waved to me.  It was the sweetest little sight to see her in her trench coat & apple backpack waving bye.  Instantly I fast forwarded to dropping her off at Kindergarten.  She’s growing up way too fast.  Slow down, Elle.  I’m not ready.

ps:  Sorry, Elle.  I had to include that last picture.  It cracks me up!


7 Responses to “Fast Forward”

  1. Ron Says:

    If you get your wish … then I get mine. And that would put you right back in a ballerina outfit on halloween in 1985. You might want to reconsider.

  2. Jan Says:

    They change in a blink. Treasure all these moments because they truly are just moments. I think the same thing each time I watch my baby drive away back to the university each Sunday.

  3. jamie toolen Says:

    Mike’s grandma told me when the boys were little to “treasure who they are today” because you can’t go back and tomorrow will come soon enough on it’s own. I guess she might know a little bit about stuff like that 😀 And I’m betting your dad may love to remember you back then, but I’ve read his blog – he wouldn’t change who you’ve become for anything 🙂

  4. Nicole Says:

    awww…you cried?! 🙂

    it does go WAAAY too fast.

    and, i love that apple-eating picture of elle. i think it’s so cute!

  5. Julie Says:

    She is soooo cute.

  6. Dad (Butch) Says:

    Yea well seeing Joe in that multi-colored wig and clown outfit would be pretty cool too! Ron……got any good pictures of that ballerina?

  7. Ron Says:

    I do have a picture, Butch. But Debbie has looked here in Ohio and I think it’s buried in boxes in my friends basement in Wildwood, Mo. Bummer. If I come across it here I’ll scan and forward it on to you.

    And Kelli, as Jamie said, I would NOT turn back the clock for any amount of money. Well. Any reasonable amount of money. But the point is that every moment spent raising you and your bro’s were the best moments I have spent on the planet. 🙂 You’ll see what I mean someday. Hug her tight tonight.

    Dad & Mom

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