Winter is HERE


It’s official…winter is here. Ok, so the calendar may not technically agree yet, but trust me it’s winter. No not because the tree is decorated. And not because is predicting snow showers tonight. It isn’t even because I have watched Charlie Brown Christmas approximately 20 times in the past 3 weeks. Ladies and gentlemen it is winter because of this:


Run…don’t walk…RUN to the store right now. You won’t regret the decision.

8 Responses to “Winter is HERE”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love those too!!!!

  2. Ron Says:

    the store keep them until after valentines day.
    they are the best store bought cookie

    debbie (m0m)

  3. Scott Says:

    oh crap!!! I have to go. YIPPEE!!!

  4. barb Says:

    you can make these…just dip oreos in melted almond bark – then you can have them year round!

  5. Ron Says:

    i raised you well.

  6. Judy(Mom) Says:

    Butch LOVES these……(okay, me too!!!!)

  7. Dad (Butch) Says:

    This tells me it is Christmas season! When they first came out they were in Santa Claus tins! I love these and I can make them last till summer! I am sure that make me the winner!

  8. Tammy (mom) Says:

    I’m not sure who left them in a bag on the frig at the house for Thanksgiving… however, that’s when Christmas started for me…. Shout out… simply amazing!.. I say fudge oreos, family, Willow road trip could be the perfect Christmas!

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