Imagination.  It’s an interesting thing to watch from the outside.  Elle’s has been running rampant lately.  It pretty much has me laughing hysterically 90% of the time, mostly because I have zero idea what she is talking about.

Last week her favorite thing to do was put hats on people’s head and call it a certain kind of hat.  Then she would talk to the person as if they were doing the job that applied to their hat.

For instance, my poor husband had spent a very long time planning our church’s Christmas Eve service.  I mean a LONG time…like months.  Once crunch time came, he was working non-stop.  Most nights he was even working from home until 2am.  Elle came up to him, place a hat on his head while he was working & called it the “Farmer Hat”.  Oddly enough, it looked nothing like a farmer hat to me.


This is Elle wearing the “Money Hat”.  She proceeded to pretend to collect money from everyone and everything around her.  I told her that she should call it a “Government Hat” instead.  Just kidding.  Kinda.



4 Responses to “Hats”

  1. mcgilla Says:

    smart girl

  2. Jan Says:

    Elle is a hoot! And Joe is a good sport. 🙂

  3. Nicole Says:

    i was going to say what jan said…what a good sport joe is! and so high-tech for a farmer.

    and i loved your money/government analogy. don’t you wonder where she came up with that hat = ask people for money?

  4. Jan Says:

    I was thinking maybe the Money Hat was the people at the drive-thru windows of food places. Could that be it?

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