I always say that last year was our first year celebrating NYE like adults. Our tradition up to that point was to have a quiet night in with our dear friends, the Johnsons. I miss that tradition terribly, but going out and enjoying an evening of Fundamental Elements is always enjoyable. This year the Fundies Undies (the band wifes) decided to get all dressed up for the occasion. Our normal uniform is jeans & a cute top. Last night called for more. I even got new boots for the occasion! Sorry, I get excited about that kind of stuff. Here is a pick of last years NYE party & a couple from this year. Notice how much my hair has changed this year. I hardly recognized myself.

In addition to the show last night. We also got to spend a lovely evening with an old friend & a new friend. Joe’s bff, Matt, was in town from Utah. He brought along his girlfriend Sarah. We were excited to finally meet her. It was fun to drag them out for an evening. I think they said that last year they fell asleep watching History Channel on NYE. And fortunately for us, the Stuarts had their plans fall through so they joined us for the evening. It was nice to be able to get to know them a little better. Plus, I think the boys officially won them over has fans.

Happy 2009 to everyone! Can’t wait to see what is in store.


One Response to “NYE”

  1. Jaycie Says:

    I miss it, too roommate! How about we bring that one back next year?? Maybe we can even hire a babysitter and all go out like grown-ups. I love you!

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