A Few Carbs Never Hurt Anyone


Last night Joe & I were parked in the living room watching the Golden Globes and feasting on a lovely spread from Taco Bell (romantic wedding anniversary, right).  Elle was in and out of the room.  At one point she sat down next to me & watch along with us.

As Sally Hawkins (whom I had never heard of before) went up to accept her award I was a little shocked at her size.  She is seriously thin.  Under my breath I said, “Give that girl a bagel.”  Elle immediately chimmed in, “Yeah, someone give her a bagel.  She’s way too skinny!”

I’m now praying that she doesn’t see someone super thin in person & inform then that they need to eat a bagel.



5 Responses to “A Few Carbs Never Hurt Anyone”

  1. Jan Says:

    I believe Sally Hawkins played “Anne Elliott” in last year’s “Persuasion” that appeared on PBS in the January timeframe. She’s British I think. I’m doing this from memory but I think that’s the same girl.

    Around here we ladies describe those kind of people as “someone ought to give him/her a sandwich!”. Of course, I don’t have to worry about my girls blurting that at inappropriate times. 🙂 Your Elle is just way too smart!

  2. Scott Says:

    look out alicia!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Elle’s so funny.

    We substitute “cheeseburger” for bagel/sandwich, around here.

  4. judysnotes Says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t say: “Yea..give that girl some ice cream!!” What a cutie!

  5. Dad "Butch" Says:

    Yea what is that girl thinking……..Ice cream …Ice cream….Ice cream!!

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