Yesterday & Today


Yesterday was one of THOSE days.  Ya know, the day that can’t end quickly enough.  It was a fine day in the office but once I picked up Elle from her sitter’s house I knew that we were on a downward spiral.

I have never been informed by the sitter that Elle had to go in to timeout.  Not that she has never been in time out there, but she had never felt the need to inform me of it…until yesterday.  It sounds like the two and a half year old attitude we are seeing at home is beginning to rear it’s ugly head at the sitters house too.  Lovely.  I can handle with the attitude when I’m the one dealing with it, but I really don’t want others to have to deal with it too.  Not cool.

Then we spent the evening at church.  Because I was short on childcare workers, I spent the evening in the nursery.  Good thing I was there, because Elle was the worst kid in the entire class.  It was awful.  She peed in her pants THREE times.  THREE!  I literally didn’t have any more clothes to put on her.  So she ran around the nursery in a diaper and no pants while I washed her two pairs of jeans.   Plus, she was just plain mean.  She copped an attitude with everyone.  At one point I even called Joe to see if he could come and get her (he couldn’t).  It was awful & I wanted to cry.

Then today, I kinda felt like I had run a marathon before I even pulled into the parking lot at church.  By 8:00 this morning I had done the following things:

  • Peeled my butt out of bed & showered
  • Bribed Elle to get out of bed
  • Convinced Elle to watch TV so I could get ready
  • Got myself ready
  • Took the trash out
  • Bathed Elle (because she was far too crabby to bathe last night)
  • Dressed Elle
  • Gave Elle a quick blow dry so her hair wouldn’t freeze the moment we stepped outside
  • Had an extensive conversation (with Elle) about what shoes to wear.  We decided on her boots.
  • Drove through the McDonald drive thru to pay off the bribe (don’t judge me)
  • Commuted 30 minutes to Elle’s sitter
  • Brief conversation with the sitter
  • 10 more minutes in the car to work

2 more hours until the end of the work day…but I’m pretty sure that Elle & I will both be heading to bed very early tonight.

6 Responses to “Yesterday & Today”

  1. Denise Says:

    My girls always had appalling behavior right before they either: got sick or was about to reach some new milestone. I hope it’s the latter for Elle (and you).

  2. kellimcgill Says:

    oh no…that makes me nervous (again).

  3. Jan Says:

    Oh, Kelli! That’s terrible!

    I don’t have any wise words but many prayers for you.

  4. Judy(judysnotes) Says:

    I’m thinking….remember the post before this one? Maybe it’s the grandma in me, but certainly my perfect little granddaughter would NOT have a problem unless there was an underlying cause. I think she must not feel very well. I HAS to be that!! She needs Bean to come and give her some kisses.

  5. Heather Says:

    They all have their moments. Kelsey and I had a play date once when she was about Elle’s age where she was so mean that the other mom never called again, and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t either. She turned out OK (so far).

    And I bribe her with McDonald’s in the morning occasionally too… mmm, mcgriddles!

  6. jamie Says:

    Man, Kelli, I’m sorry! It seemed like you held it together well, from what I could tell. I hope these kinds of days are VERY few and far between – unfortunately, I don’t think the terrible twos really end until about age 5 (but they begin to get better before that!)

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