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Bouncing Back

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, I am feeling so much better. A little slow, but better. I had about 24 hours where I wasn’t able to hold down any fluids. This was a good way to loose 4 pounds in one day…too bad loosing weight isn’t exactly on the agenda at this point in time. Anyway, my parents were able to keep Elle for 48 hours so I could hopefully shield her from my germs & not have to “deal” with her while feeling so awful. I am so grateful that they were able to help & that my illness fell my dad’s day off (very convenient). Did I mention that Joe’s been out of town? He feels guilty about being gone & has faithfully called a lot more often then he normally does.

My 48 hours have consisted of laying in bed & watching old episodes of Sex & the City & Gilmore Girls on DVD. Occasionally I would sneak out of bed and do something that would completely zap my energy like vacuum, do laundry, feed the dog, or something overly active like that…and then I would pass out in bed again.

My parents are delivering Elle to me in a little bit. I just talked to Elle on the phone & she doesn’t want to come home. Really, that’s the way it’s supposed to be after spending the weekend with grandparents. But I am more than ready for her to arrive, I’m pretty sure that hours of playing with Lincoln Logs will perk me right up!


Let’s Pray This Passes Quickly

Thursday, February 26, 2009

All those times that we have managed to avoid the nasty stomach bug this year has finally caught up with us.  And when I say us…I mean me.  Not feeling too hot right now.  I had the honor of spending quite a bit of time on the floor in the bathroom at work this morning.

My dad
is currently on his way over to rescue my daughter from me.  Thanks, Dad!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let’s be honest. I know why you all come back to this blog, day after day. You are all in love with the adorable/witty/ridiculous/random things that Elle says. Well, she has been on quite a roll lately & provided me with some quotes for your enjoyment.

Elle’s prayer at bedtime last night:

“Keep my Dad safe at work or at the band. I love him. And keep my mom not the boss. But I’m the boss of Rigby. Um, Amen.”

There was a new child in the nursery at church tonight. The little girl was rather shy, but Elle walked right up to her and tried to talk to her. The little girl did not respond at all. Elle turned to me & said:

“Does she speak English?”

Kelli vs. Pancakes

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About 3 weeks ago we had an unfortunate pancake incident. It had been a long day & a simple meal was on the menu. Joe had had a particulary rough day & was venting about things. I was a bit distracted with listening to him while working on dinner & forgot the plug in the skillet. I poured all the pancakes on the skillet before I noticed that it was cold. So, they didn’t cook evenly & kinda super glued themselves to the skillet. Joe ended up going to Little Ceasars & getting a $5 ready to go pizza. I was frustrated with myself but hey, you can’t win every time. Right?

Tonight I thought we’d try pancakes again. Everything went off without a hitch. As we were eating Elle said, “You didn’t break the pancakes this time, Mom. Good job!” And nodded her head at me as if she were really proud of me.

So. Tell me. How does she remember that happening 3 weeks ago…but I have to remind her to wipe her butt every time she goes to the bathroom?

Spring Feva

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I just got a text from my brother, Scott. It said: “Blog!!! Dang it!!!”

Soooo, I guess I’ll blog. Not much to say today. I have serious spring fever. It’s like 55 degrees outside. Every curtain & blind in the house are open…and the furnace if off. I’m itching to do some serious spring cleaning in our basement. My plan is to get the basement super organized so I can eventually get our office emptied (so it can be transformed to the baby’s room). Right now we have a space to move our office stuff to.

We moved into this house (from a townhouse) about 2 weeks after Elle was born. So I haven’t really done the whole “have the baby’s room ready and waiting” thing. All of Elle’s belongings were in huge plastic bins in our old basement. I’m kinda looking forward to doing it the “normal” way this time around. Elle was born on a Saturday & we close on our new house that next Wednesday. Then painted & remodeled the bathroom before moving. Hopefully it will be a lot less stressful this time around.

Anyway, step number one is organize our laundry room & purge, purge, purge. We’ve been here 2 years, but accumulated a ton of junk.

Ok, Scott, I realize this probably isn’t the most exciting post in the world. I promise to do better next time. But to keep you happy, here is a picture that was taken by Ms Robin (who, btw, should start blogging) this morning. Elle said that she was a farmer…