Valentine’s Day Idea


Sorry I have been a bit MIA this week. Things at work have kinda been consuming my mind. And it isn’t anything worth writing on here yet but it is still all I can think about. BUT! But, today is going to be a super fun day. I’m off work & I have big plans.

Sneak over here tomorrow I’ll post about our day. I should even have video and pictures (which I have really been lacking lately).

Oh…but to get you your Kellogues fix for today I have to tell you about a conversation I had with my husband last night. Valentine’s Day has never been our strongest holiday. I think it’d been a bit to over commercialized, but for some reason the older I get the more I want to acknowledge it. Probably because we tend to get more and more stuck in everyday routine. When we were dating and early in our marriage the routine wasn’t quite as “blah” as it is now.

Anyway, last night as we were climbing in to bed. I told Joe that I think we should MAKE each other gifts for Valentines Day this year. He snickered and promptly reminded me that it is a week away. I am well aware at how close it is & I have an idea of what I want to make for him (no it isn’t smittens). He immediately wanted to know if he could “make me happy”….I told him no.

We put a $10 supply limit on it. So this could be very interesting! And not to talk smack to Joe or anything, but it’s going to be hard to beat my gift. You’d better get thinking.


7 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Idea”

  1. kellimcgill Says:

    my brother just informed me that Joe’s quote could be inappropriate…it wasn’t! scott, get your head out of the gutter.

  2. Scott Says:

    Scenario #3:

    Elle walks in on Joe making Kelli “happy”.
    What do you do?


  3. Ron Says:

    Odd. No comments other than Scott’s. I’m thinking the silence speaks volumes.

  4. Nicole Says:

    I totally took Joe’s comment the way that your brother did. Sorry. I guess my head’s in the gutter, too.

  5. neeser Says:

    Scott – That scenario has already been well covered over at Mammalogues.

  6. “Make You Happy” « mybandofboys Says:

    […] You Happy” A quote from my friend Kelli’s recent post reminded me of this video/song, which cracks me up everytime.  For all you ladies out there whose […]

  7. Nicole Says:

    ok….I hope this doesn’t turn out like the Friends episode. Sounds like fun 🙂

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