Questions, Questions, Questions


First of all, thank you all so much for the congratulations. It has been so fun to read all the comments. I’m going to be honest here, this pregnancy has kinda freaked me out. Don’t get me wrong, we are super excited and this was a planned pregnancy, but the reality of it kinda shook me. I’m sure you will be reading much more about that in the coming months. Lucky you!

So, I have been answering a lot of questions this weekend so I thought I would tackle a few for ya.

If you haven’t done the math, I am 12 weeks pregnant. And I’m feeling pretty good. I couldn’t have said that from weeks 6 to 9. Ugh, it wasn’t pretty. I was extremely nauseous & BEYOND tired. Seriously, like chronically tired. Ironically I didn’t throw up at all up to this point, and now I’m feeling great but I threw up 3 times this morning. It was kinda weird, but brushing my teeth has always been difficult for me when pregnant…I guess I was brushing a little to excitedly this morning.

We will be finding out the sex of the baby. I have no idea how anyone has enough self control to be surprised. Waiting the first 20 weeks to find out is torture enough for me. Last time I had a feeling that we were having a girl, this time I have no idea. If I stick to my current schedule with OB appointments, we will have the big ultrasound on April 1st. We don’t have names picked out yet…but there are some that we like. It has been entertaining to watch the reactions of our family when we tell them some of the names on our list. They get really quiet. Ha! So my advice, if you don’t think you can fake that you like the names that we like…don’t ask. I tend to be really stubborn and someone not liking the names I like makes me like it even more. None of our parents liked the name Elle. Ok, they never said they didn’t like it, but they always got quiet.

Speaking of Elle, she is excited but does not really understand what is going to happen. She only talks about it if someone else mentions it. Oh, and she says that we are naming the baby “Kumkin”. I have NO idea where that came from. Very random, but it cracks me up. Elle will be staying in her current bedroom. The room that is our office (aka junk room) will be the baby’s room. Remember that was the room that I was going to get clean by Christmas. That is the room that is more of a mess now than it has ever been. Lovely.

Alright, I’m tired. Off to bed. Thanks again!

13 Responses to “Questions, Questions, Questions”

  1. Jan Says:

    Please tell me that “Gus” isn’t on Joe’s list again. 😉

  2. Nicole Says:

    The name thing…just don’t tell anyone. Except me.

  3. sara luke Says:

    We didn’t tell anyone Jack’s name before he was born . . . for that very reason. And we’ll probably do that again. 🙂

  4. Ron Says:

    Whatever name you choose we will LOVE. Except for Rasmuss. Okay, we would love Rasmuss too. Is Joe getting to choose the middle name again?

    Did I mention… CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so grateful for you guys and proud of you!

  5. Lauren E. Says:

    How did you pick Elle’s name?

  6. kellimcgill Says:

    Jan: Gus is on the top of his list…but i’m not convienced that he is serious. I think it is more of a taunt.

    Lauren E: I believe you just inspired a new blog post. Stay tuned!

  7. Scott Says:

    scenario #4:

    You give birth to said child, find out the baby is latino…to the point of speaking fluent espanol. He/she refuses the rattle/ pacifier and requests a sombrero and some tequila. What do you do?

  8. Tim Says:

    It’s going to be a boy. I think Elle needs a little brother.

  9. Judy(judysnotes) Says:

    Of course…I want to help clean up the office/messy room!!! I would love to help relieve that burden. I like the name Gus. Especially for a girl. It would be adorable. 🙂 And please…give me a break! It was like….midnight when you told me names!!! I LOVED all the names you picked. I just have to chew and digest…..imagine a little face with the name….I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!

  10. Heather Says:

    Everyone will love the name you pick because it will belong to a special baby! After all, isn’t that what makes you love/hate a name – the people you know who have it?

  11. Jessi Says:

    Oh Kelli….I am so excited for you! One of these days we are gonna come visit all of my old friends and come see YOU and babieS. Miss you!

  12. Butch(Dad) Says:

    We all love Elle’s name ….what you talkin’ about girl! But this is the reason Tammy and I always told people……..
    If it’s a boy we will call him ….Maynard Stymied

    If it’s a girl……Gertrude Louise

    They never got the real names until they were born…That included our parents! (Just so you know I am ok with that!)

    Love you and anxiously awaiting my new grandchild!!!!!!!

  13. Earth Muffin Says:

    Waiting for the big day to find out the sex isn’t as torturous as you think. It also makes that final contraction just a little bit easier knowing that the secret will finally be revealed!

    Congratulations to all of you! I can’t imagine how excited your mom must be right now!

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