Things I Don’t Understand

  • How my 2 year old can make me want to scream at one moment & 2 minutes later she is melting my heart?
  • Why, after my last pregnancy, Joe & I didn’t buy a king size bed?
  • How I can’t get on facebook for less than 20 minutes at a time?
  • Why I never make grocery lists, but I curse myself for forgetting 6 items every time.  Wouldn’t you think I would have learned to make lists by now?
  • How I can still miss teaching after 3 years of being out of the classroom?
  • Regression in toddlers?  For 6 months she has been potty trained, yet I feel like we are starting over.
  • Why I can’t sleep without first putting on lip balm?  If I don’t I will just lay in bed thinking about my lips.

You’re turn, what don’t you understand?


8 Responses to “Things I Don’t Understand”

  1. So funny… « Why are they calling ME mom? Says:

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  2. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I have the same problem with facebook that you mentioned and I have not been able to figure it out to this day!!!!

  3. Butch(Dad) Says:

    You are funny but some of those items can be fixed. My fees are cheap….talk to me!

  4. Ron Says:

    Can’t answer your questions. But I can tell you that your final point … the lip balm? That’s your mom. It’s in the genes.

  5. Nicole Says:

    you don’t make a list? are you crazy? i’d forget where i was even going without the list!

    i can’t understand how the laundry multiplies like rabbits in the hampers.

    i also can’t understand how my kids can hear me whisper “do you want a piece of candy?” but they can’t hear me when i ask in a normal voice to go brush their teeth.

  6. Earth Muffin Says:

    Stop by my classroom on any given day of any given week. I promise you will no longer miss teaching.

    I have the same issues with Facebook and chapstick before bed.

  7. illinigirl Says:

    I can’t understand how I can get up earlier that I normally do for work/church/whatever, and still leave at the same time I always do. . . and not necessarily look any better or anything. . . so where does the extra time go???

    I am the same way about chapstick and lotion before I go to bed.

  8. Denise Says:

    I dunno what it is about chapstick, but I can tell you why I miss my students when I’m not with them: I love the energy of teenagers, yes, even the apathetic ones. I love just sharing what I can to help them along their way. Yes, even the ones who don’t want my help. I love having the opportunity to tell150 kids to “have a good day” as they exit my classroom. As hard as it can be, I just love being with them.

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