Spring Feva


I just got a text from my brother, Scott. It said: “Blog!!! Dang it!!!”

Soooo, I guess I’ll blog. Not much to say today. I have serious spring fever. It’s like 55 degrees outside. Every curtain & blind in the house are open…and the furnace if off. I’m itching to do some serious spring cleaning in our basement. My plan is to get the basement super organized so I can eventually get our office emptied (so it can be transformed to the baby’s room). Right now we have a space to move our office stuff to.

We moved into this house (from a townhouse) about 2 weeks after Elle was born. So I haven’t really done the whole “have the baby’s room ready and waiting” thing. All of Elle’s belongings were in huge plastic bins in our old basement. I’m kinda looking forward to doing it the “normal” way this time around. Elle was born on a Saturday & we close on our new house that next Wednesday. Then painted & remodeled the bathroom before moving. Hopefully it will be a lot less stressful this time around.

Anyway, step number one is organize our laundry room & purge, purge, purge. We’ve been here 2 years, but accumulated a ton of junk.

Ok, Scott, I realize this probably isn’t the most exciting post in the world. I promise to do better next time. But to keep you happy, here is a picture that was taken by Ms Robin (who, btw, should start blogging) this morning. Elle said that she was a farmer…



5 Responses to “Spring Feva”

  1. swoodsy Says:


  2. Ron Says:

    When farmers dress like that I’m going to start my own garden because that just would not look right on a tractor.

  3. mcgilla Says:

    how is she a farmer again???? and is it weird that i feel like she looks a bit like shirley temple in this pic…. if she didn’t have curls…. and i don’t think i’m ok with that. haha

  4. Jan Says:

    Maybe she was trying to say “performer”? 😀

  5. Mfitzhugh Says:

    That’s the fanciest farmer I’ve ever seen!

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