Whew, That Was A Close One


So, the Fundamental Elements have a fabulous van that transports them from gig to gig. In the past, it has gotten the job done…but barely. The van is a 1991 GMC Compliment. And it’s a classy beast. Oh and did you do the math? It’s 18 years old!

Well, about a week and a half ago The Compliment died. Sad, right? Well, it gets sadder. It died in my driveway. Sure, the boys were all safe here & not stranded on the side of the road in some random place. But…it was in MY driveway. The boys feared that The Compliment had seen her last gig. I feared that The Compliment would be in front of my house forever.

But thanks to a talented mechanic, The Compliment will live on (for now). The Compliment will soon be going home. Say a prayer for Katie & Sheri, it shares it’s time at their homes.

Good bye, Compliment!



4 Responses to “Whew, That Was A Close One”

  1. Katie Says:

    While not as deep, it stirs a sadness still.

  2. Nicole Says:

    i’m sure you were terribly sad to see it go. i cracked up the “classy beast” comment!

  3. Ron Says:

    You were in 5th grade when it rolled off the assembly line.

  4. Overcoming The Negative « Kellogues Says:

    […] in Little Rock with the band. He left yesterday morning and as they were pulling into Little Rock their van died (remember that van, it like to die in inconvenient places). They are thinking it’s a […]

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