It’s A…


GIRL!! We immediately went to the bank and started a McGill Daughters Wedding Fund. Ok, we didn’t but maybe we should have.



16 Responses to “It’s A…”

  1. jamie Says:

    Congratulations, Kelli! That’s awesome! I’ve been lurking around my reader all day waiting for your news 🙂

  2. Two Lines On a Stick Says:

    Congratulations! How fun for Elle to have a little sister 🙂 So do you still get to go clothes shopping all over again since it’s going to be a different season?

  3. Jan Says:


  4. Katie Says:

    Yeah for more cute clothes!!! I mean….congrats on having a girl!

  5. Ron Says:

    I’ll contribute my “quarter jar.” (Don’t laugh. That’s jar helped pay for Disney World once upon a distant time!) And I think Jim will throw in a case or orange Tic Tac. Hey, it mounts up! What would that go for on Craigs List?

  6. Julie Says:

    Congratulations. I am so excited for you guys.

  7. Casey Says:

    How wonderful for Elle! She’ll be a perfect big sister for a little girl. Congratulations!

  8. Nicole Says:

    am i the only one who loves ultrasound pictures? LOVE THEM. look at her perfect little head! congrats!

  9. Bella Says:

    i can guarantee you there will be NOTHING little about that head.

    p.s i’m so super glad that it’s a girl because i found some of the cutest newborn stuff the other day that was specific for the female gender. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope Elle is cool with the idea that kumpkin is going to be a sister and not a brother.

  10. Linda Says:

    (Big sigh!) At long last, the waiting is over! I rejoice with you! Looking forward to hearing her name – I’ll ask you Sunday.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations! I have 3 sisters, so my poor dad has paid for 1 out of the 4 weddings he has to pay for!

    It will be lots of fun for Elle!

  12. paulshaver Says:

    I think this is super duper! Yeah for girls!

  13. ofebers Says:


  14. Amanda Mohr Says:

    YAY!!! I am so excited!!! Congrats on another sweet baby girl!!! We love you guys and will continue to pray for health and a quick delivery.

  15. Jan Says:

    I’ll be very interested to hear how Elle responds to the news. 🙂

  16. Lauren E. Says:

    I second Jan…what does Elle think?

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