3 Going On 13


Life with a nearly 3 year old is much different than life with a 2 year old. The emotions are often running high & at times I find myself just wanting to walk into my bedroom and close the door because the drama is just too much. But, I figured that you would all enjoy the drama.

Tuesday night, Elle burst into tears because I washed her a pear (which she had requested) and handed it to her. After getting her to calm down, we learned that she wanted to grab the pear from my hand not have me place it in her hand. Seriously?

While playing with Playdough last week many tears were shed because should was having trouble rolling the dough into a ball. She ended up throwing it onto the floor because she “didn’t want it near her.” That one got her a nice little visit to time-out.

This morning I set out a pair of shorts and green t-shirt for Elle to wear. I walked out of the room to finish getting myself ready & shortly there after Elle comes marching into our bedroom and throws the t-shirt of the ground in a very dramatic fashion. She announces that she is “does not want to wear the same color as the trees!”

I think you get the picture.


10 Responses to “3 Going On 13”

  1. swoodsy Says:

    I hate those trees too.

  2. Jan Says:

    Holy cow! That is some heavy drama there. 😮

  3. Ron Says:

    Well, when I saw her she looked smashing. Pink, wasn’t it? More of a “shift” than a dress?

  4. tiffanynevil Says:

    BWA HA HA HA HA! That’s so hilarious…I’m sorry! Cooper had that drama too but I remember being totally taken aback when it all started. I was personally offended at times. I think you guys are entering the phase where the child seems to have this impression that they are in control. Huh? What? Cooper began that stage saying things like “that is what I want because I picked it!” and pointing his finger at me as he loudly proclaimed this statement. He earned a trip to time out at those times too.

    Thanks for sharing the drama with us none-the-less. 😀

  5. Earth Muffin Says:

    The “terrible 2’s” are an evil joke played upon us by our children. The “terrible 2’s” don’t exist. It’s the 3’s and 4’s you have to watch out for…they’re truly terrible. Look out!

    Miles is going through a “I’m going to win!” phase. Whether we’re walking up the stairs, to the car, to the kitchen, wherever…he’s going to “WIN!” Even if he wasn’t planning on going to whatever room you’re going to, he intends to beat you to that room. It kind of sucks, if you want the truth.

  6. Teresa Says:

    It’s been my experience that the brighter the child, the higher the drama level. It’s been already well established that Elle is really bright for her age, so….good luck with all THAT…

  7. Denise Says:

    We are in the very. same. boat. I can totally relate. In fact, since she has an older sister to fight with, some days it is honestly seems to go on constantly.

    And I agree with Earth Muffin, ages three and four were hard with our oldest. Now that she’s six, it’s starting to get better.

  8. ofebers Says:

    I pray for you and having 2 girls in your house! God knew what he was doing by only giving me one. Oh the drama!

  9. Butch(Dad) Says:

    Well this could be one of those pay back times …..ya know?!

  10. Megaen Says:

    That is exactly why I keep telling Sam that someone is going to DIE this year…Neva is 2, and acting like 3, and Hannah (3) has the attitude of a teenager. Seriously. Do they not know we could literally break them in two?!

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