Not So Good


Recently I have had a few reminders of things that I am not too good at.  Being a first born, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and if I’m not perfect at something I tend to just quit doing it.  Hence why I never played a musical instrument or stuck with a sport very long.   In fact, I don’t have too many hobbies for that very reason.  Anyway, here are a few stories about things I have pretty much stunk at lately.

  • As I mentioned yesterday, Joe was gone a lot of last weekend.  And like most ladies, spiders/bugs aren’t my favorite thing in the world.  Elle & I were heading out the door to pick up a few things at the store when I spotted a large bee (seriously large) on the kitchen floor.  I quickly sent Elle & the dog to her room, instructed her to close the door and told her to stay put until I get her out.  When I got back to the kitchen the bee was still there on the floor, just walking around.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do.  I knew that I didn’t want to get stung but I wanted the bee out.  So I opened the door leading to the garage hoping the bee would just fly out.  No dice.  My next idea was to start throwing shoes at the bee.  In my head, it would take one throw & the bee would be dead. EIGHT shoes later the bee was finally squashed.  Here is what my floor looked like after the event.  Notice the shoe that landed out in the garage.  Yup, throwing things…not something I’m good at.


  • Last week, Joe & I decided to turn off the TV & close the laptops.  He broke out the Scrabble board & we got down to business.  He normally beats my pretty easily.  But this time I was kinda holding my own.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I even use the word “YETI”!  At the end Joe added up the points & he won by ONE point.  ONE.  I was so frustrated that I had him re-do the math.  After he added it up again, he did find a mistake.  I ended up losing by twelve points.  Figures, right?
  • Is it me or has purchasing light bulbs become a much more complicated process than it used to be?  Normally those engery saving bulbs are the ones that throw me for a loop.  Last week I bought three new light bulbs for our bathroom & apparently selected the wrong ones.  It’s like a brown-out every time we turn on the light in the bathroom.  It’s so bad that Elle even asked me if I would “turn the light on all the way.”  Plus, it cost $15!  And lucky for me the bulbs are supposed to last 4 years!  Woo-Hoo.  Let me tell ya, they won’t be lasting that long.

7 Responses to “Not So Good”

  1. Ron Says:

    Did it ever occur to you to maybe … oh … put one of the shoes on your foot and simply STEP ON THE BEE?

    • kellimcgill Says:

      Oh. It occurred to me…but that would mean getting closer to the bee than I wanted. It didn’t occur to me until later that maybe the bee was on the floor because it couldn’t fly

  2. Nicole Says:

    plus, if you actually stepped on it, it would make that horrible crunchy sound. yuck.

    i love scrabble…i’m going to have to challenge matt to a game soon. we’ve been keeping a tally of who wins the game since college (no, sadly, i’m not joking) and for a long time, i was winning, but i think he is now…

  3. Scott Says:

    don’t just throw away the compact florescent bulbs. They have mercury in them and are very hazardous to the environment. You need to take them to a local recycling center.

  4. Scott Says:

    you’re welcome.

  5. Linda Sjerven Says:

    As another first born, I can totally relate. I hate killing bugs/spiders/anything. While living with my parents, I’d call my dad. Then my husband. Then, as a mother, that was one reason I was glad I had boys – they’d protect me from the world’s insects & varmints, right? (They have – even removed the dead varmints my dogs brought in our house.) Now it’s gone full circle. Maybe this vignette doesn’t relate to being a first born after all. My recently-married daughter called me in to her room to kill a spider for her last weekend. Over the decades, somehow I have grown up a little in this aspect, but may I recommend a wonderful invention? Bug spray! At least it surprises & perhaps numbs them so it’s safer for us to then terminate the buggers. Go forth & TERMINATE!

  6. Tanya Says:

    I killed two large bumble bees in my house yesterday with wasp spray.
    I always keep a can of wasp spray around in the spring.

    Where’s a man when you need em’, right?

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