Camera Party


About a month ago, Elle informed us that she wanted to have a “Camera Party” for her birthday.  Lovely, right?  Couldn’t she want something normal like a Backyardigans party or  a princess party.  Nope, not my kid.  She likes to keep me on my toes.

Obviously she seriously wanted a camera.  In fact, the day AFTER Christmas she told me that she wanted a camera for Christmas.  And basically it’s all she has asked for since then.  She’d been relatively patient.  So my parents asked if they could get her a camera for her birthday & I was left to plan decorations around it.

So here is what I came up with.  I decided to hang pictures of Elle (all from this past year) all over the house with clothes pins on string.  Hoping that it would somewhat resemble a photo lab.  But of course, plain ol’ clothes pins wouldn’t do.  So I set out to cover all the clothes pins with scrapbooking paper.  I thought it ended up looking pretty cute.  Plus, now my plan is to attach small magnets to the back of some of the clothes pins so I can use to them to hang stuff on the fridge.  Dual purpose, people!  How’s that for smart!?

We also found this photo mobile while we were in Salt Lake City a while back.  Joe found it at Urban Outfitters so we had it as our carryon luggage on the plane ride home.


3 Responses to “Camera Party”

  1. Jan Says:

    Cute idea and you did a great job pulling it off! I’d love to see some of the pics that Elle takes with her new camera. Life through the lens of a 3-year-old…

  2. Nicole Says:

    decorations looked really cute! good job!

  3. sarah Says:

    (figured out how to change the name… so it’s not Matt anymore…)

    Anyway, those are some adorable decorations. When I have kids, I’m calling you to be their party planner. Plus, with menus like that, it’s sure to be WIN WIN WIN. (and it looks like it was.)

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