For awhile now I have been completely amazed at how my life has chanced since becoming a mom.  And most of the time it’s the little things that remind me of how life is different.  My car, for instance, is a disaster.  I always had a clean, vacuumed car.  Elle enters the picture & it’s filthy 110% of the time.

One thing that constantly cracks me up is the random things that I end up pulling out of my purse.  Earlier I was standing in line at Hobby Lobby & I discover a little shoe that belongs to Elle’s Mary Poppins doll hanging out in there.  No idea how it got there or how long it’s been there.  So here are the random items in my purse that would have never been there pre-mommy hood.


Honestly I’m surprised it wasn’t worse…but I did just get a new purse for Mother’s Day so this is only a couple weeks worth of accumulation.   Plus I’m kinda proud that I didn’t find any raisins or candy wrappers!

Anyone else have random stuff in their bags thanks to parenthood?


10 Responses to “Mommyhood”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Honestly, just today, I was thinking how mommyhood has changed my purse-buying habits. In the past I would have NEVER had a purse big enough to put a diaper and some wipes in, but today – no problem! Made my trip to the mall so easy.

    What a cute bow 😉

  2. Scott Says:

    I feel no effect.

  3. Tiffany Nevil Says:

    I did find a whole roll of Spiderman stickers in my purse yesterday…..Cooper was pretty happy about that!

  4. Tanya Says:

    Once in church service I reached in my purse and pulled out a banana. It had been in there a couple hours without me noticing it, so by the time my hand reached it the thing was almost totally black. Gag!
    I looked at Caitlin (she was maybe 4 at the time) and asked her why a black banana was in my purse. She told me (in a very matter of fact sorta way) that she gets hungry during church and may want to eat it.

    Yeah, life is never the same.

  5. Earth Muffin Says:

    Matchbox cars, toy lizards and snakes (which can really freak you out when you happen to pull one out), Dum-Dum suckers, SpongeBob band-aids and old grocery lists, coupons and receipts with scribbles on them from when I’ve needed to keep Miles occupied while waiting in a check-out line.

    I also never had to play the “What is that stain on the leg of my pants/shoulder of my shirt?” before I became a mom.

  6. Casey Says:

    My car has turned into more of a 7-eleven on wheels. On any given day I have a first aid kit, snacks such as bananas, crackers, cookies, cooled lunch box with a cup of milk (just in case we have a melt down over not having any milk), books, extra diapers, an extra shirt (for me!), extra clothes for Addi…the list goes on.

  7. Denise Says:

    Well since you asked… Libby’s babysitter gives Libby a dixie cup of snacks every day for the ride home (grapes, pretzels, crackers, etc.) Yesterday I noticed Libby had left a couple of animal crackers in the bottom of the cup. One of them was clearly misshapen, because in it’s misshapen form it looks rather… suggestive. Now the 12 year-old boy in me thought this cracker was hilarious, and I carried it around in my purse all day today, intending to ask my (trusted) coworkers if they thought the cracker looks like what I think it looks like, but I chickened out. The real question is: can I blame the fact that I am carrying around dirty looking food items on the fact that I am a mommy?

    If you would have asked this question on any other day, I would not have had this embarrassing but hilarious truth to tell. So good timing on that one.

  8. Julie Says:

    Funny, I just bought a new – big – purse today to replace the diaper bag that I was sooo tired of carrying. It is all clean and ready for the weird things to mysteriously show up in their!!!

  9. Denise Says:

    Kelli – Yes, I have still have the cracker. Alas, what I do NOT have is a functioning digital camera. I will try to hang on to it and post a pic as soon as I can.

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