Baby Purchases


I may have a small problem. Ok, maybe addiction is a better word. Diaper bags. Listen people, if I have to carry around a bag completely dedicated to cleaning a child’s butt…it’s going to be a cute bag. I have been eying this bag for quite awhile & finally I decided that the purchase needed to be made before it was too late. Plus, this poor little baby girl had not yet had one dime spent on her! Funny how different things are with a 2nd child.

Cutest Diaper Bag Ever

Speaking of this baby, we FINALLY decided on a paint color. Ironically it’s called Paisley Purple. Funny, right? Hopefully we’ll get some paint on the walls in the next couple weeks. My goal is to have her room ready by the beginning of July. This weekend will be helpful. My sister-in-law & I are making a super quick road trip up to Ikea to make a “few” purchases. We aren’t even inviting our husbands (I’m sure they are crushed) so we can optimize our space in the car!


One Response to “Baby Purchases”

  1. Ron Says:


    We do not say “Butt” in this family.

    From Elle through grandma

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