Terrible Twos My Hinney


Things have been a bit stressful on the parenting front lately. Whoever dubbed the phrase “Terrible Two” was completely kidding themselves. Parenting a 3 year old has by far been the most stressful & exhausting thing I have ever had to do. When we returned home on Saturday night I knew we were in trouble. Elle was an emotional wreck. She was defiant, blatantly defiant and the sassy attitude topped any attitude we had seen out of her thus far.

At one point we told her something and instead of responding “no” (which is because she knows that it is a big mistake to tell mom & dad “no”) she threw a big grunt noise in our direction. Excuse me!? Yup, at that point I was looking around for the camera crew & Super Nanny to be rushing over. It was awful.

On Sunday afternoon we were scheduled to head over to Illinois (which, btw, we affectionately refer to as McGILLINOIS) to celebrate Grandma Macel’s 89th birthday. We briefly discussed canceling our plans knowing that Elle really didn’t deserve to be doing anything fun. But we didn’t want to disappoint Macel, so we headed out. Let’s just say that we had to leave early and in a rush because of the tantrums that she was making.

Basically because of all this, we currently have a zero tolerance policy. If I ask her to get her hairbrush out of the cabinet & she says “no”, she immediately goes to timeout, no more warnings sister! It seems to be working a bit. But honestly, what has helped the most thus far was getting her caught up on sleep. Yesterday afternoon Elle fell asleep on the ride home from work. At 4:30 I put her to bed and she didn’t wake up until my alarm clock went off this morning. And of course, she woke up down right pleasant. Hungry, but pleasant.

I know that we will survive & that she won’t be 3 forever…but still…sigh.

Showing off her new bed

Showing off her new bed

Trust me...she does have attitude even though she looks angelic

Who, me? I could never have attitude!


10 Responses to “Terrible Twos My Hinney”

  1. Ron Says:

    If you want I can tell you precisely where she lost out on sleep.

  2. Earth Muffin Says:

    Yep, 3 is the worst and I hate to tell you, but 4 comes in a close second. You’re at that point now where you understand why they are SO cute when they’re babies!

  3. tiffanynevil Says:

    We did a parenting study with some friends last year when Cooper turned 3 and I swear it is the only thing that got us through that year. Seriously. And you know what? One of the biggest things they said was that first time obedience is imperitive with kids. So way to go! It made a big difference in Cooper’s life and helped a lot. Though there was resistance. When a kid knows that they can’t push you too far, they will obey.

    Way to go on being awesome parents and not letting your offspring rule the roost! Even if she is awfully cute!

  4. Denise Says:

    Libby does the grunting thing. Sometimes she even points her finger in the intended direction of the grunt. Boy, are those some good times! If it makes you feel any better, I could have written this entire post. It was like this with both my girls.

  5. Jan Says:

    You and Joe are doing a great job!

    And making all these once-and-done rules will alleviate a lot of the stress of parenting Elle once that new baby girl makes her entrance. 🙂

  6. sara Says:

    It sounds like Jack and Elle might be collaborating somehow . . . this is EXACTLY what we’ve been dealing with for the last month or so.

  7. Julie Says:

    Love the bed and her room looks so cute!!!

  8. Robin Says:

    I had only one child skip the Terrifying Threes. Reagan. She’s gone full throttle with the Unfortunate Fives.

  9. Jeff your Uncle Says:

    If it is any consolation I remember your mom saying something like that about you. And yet you turned out pretty well. We should all hold hands and sing circle of life right now. 🙂

  10. Heather Says:

    Stay strong, don’t waver. It will soooo pay off when she’s older if you can deal with the attitudes now. Not that they won’t come back, but you will have laid the groundwork.

    And I know every child is different, but I loved 4, even though 3 was a nightmare.

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