What? It’s Possible…Ok, Probably Not.


Earlier Joe, Elle & I were all in the grocery doing a bit of shopping.  I have a tendency to let us run completely out of food before I force myself to go.  Anyway, not the point.  As we were leaving, I handed Joe some cash because he was going to go meet some guys for cheap wings at Buffalo Wild Wings & didn’t have much cash on him.  I happened to give him a bunch of one dollar bills & he immediately comments jokingly that maybe he’ll hit up the strip bars on his way home (totally joking, parents).  I chime in with a “where do you think I earned those singles!”  And of course, he instantly starts laughing because this was all coming from his 8 month pregnant wife.  The laughter continued for quite a while…but he did pause long enough to tell me that I need to “blog that”.


6 Responses to “What? It’s Possible…Ok, Probably Not.”

  1. Robin Says:

    Well, he’s right, its good material! hahaha

  2. illinigirl Says:

    Too funny!. . . but seriously, you are eight months along? I know I don’t know you IRL or anything and just read your blog. . . but where does the time go???

  3. Denise Says:

    How are you dealing with this heat, 8 months along? Remember, DQ (or ice cream of your choice) is a lifesaver, and clothing is optional. But based on this post, I guess you already knew that. LoL.

  4. Earth Muffin Says:

    Colby and I joke about that all the time. When we drive to downtown StL, we usually go through Brooklyn, past all the strip clubs and such. Inevitably, one of us will say, “While we’re here, let’s stop so I can pick up my paycheck.”

    Hope you’re getting along ok in this heat! You’re one of several women I know that’s pregnant right now and due in August and I really feel for all of you.

  5. Tammy (MOM) Says:

    how funny… I took all my one dollar bills to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight too… go figure…

  6. tiffanynevil Says:

    that is hilarious!

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