Last Night


Joe had a gig last night in Springfield, MO so he was driving home LATE.  This isn’t terribly uncommon for us.  I ended up going to bed at 9 & I’m glad I did.  Here is what the rest of the night looked like:
12:28 – Elle falls out of bed…I wake up to a loud thud & her moaning.  By the time I lug my huge, tired body to her room she has planted herself back in bed & is already asleep (doubt she actually woke up completely because it didn’t take me that long to get there).

12:30 – I try to fall back asleep but Paisley now has the hiccups.  This child seriously gets hiccups 3-6 times a day.  It cracks me up.

12:52 – Give up sleeping & call Joe to see where he is.  Chat for a bit & fall asleep

2:09 – Wake up to Elle walking into my room.  She didn’t really need anything, just wanted to see what was going on I suppose.  Take her back to bed (her bedroom light was on…wonder how long she was awake?) & lay with her for a bit.

2:48 – Joe gets home.  I say hi, but roll back over and go to sleep

5:35 – Alarm goes off.  Lovely.

I’m pretty sure that my family has all decided to help me ease into the whole newborn/lack of sleep phase.  Aren’t they sweet!


3 Responses to “Last Night”

  1. Nicole Says:

    bummer. not the kind of night’s rest you picture as your head hits the pillow!

    you should have called me in the middle of the night…bennett woke me at 2 to come cover him up (the “right way” whatever that is), and then he woke me up again at 2:30 b/c he had something sticky on his arm from dinner last night (nice). and then jack woke at 4:30 scratching at his mosquito bites. he got up at 6:30. i’m not pregnant and i’m dragging today, so i can only imagine how you’re feeling!

    ps…i did NOT enjoy baby hiccups while pregnant. mine also had them upwards to 6 times a day and it drove me nuts.

  2. kristi Says:

    yeah…. those who ha hiccups will keep you up….. i mean, i’m assuming.

  3. Robin Says:

    Reagan was up at 2:45. We should have all gotten together. Except my bedtime experience including cleaning a wet bathroom floor. Aren’t I lucky?

    I’m sorry you aren’t getting your sleep. You should get to rest up for the coming months!

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