Opinions Wanted:


Today I started to put up the wall art in the baby’s room. But it isn’t quite what I envisioned. Our main color palette is a smoky purple and gray. I love the wall color, but the decals for the wall look a bit green to me next to the purple. Any thoughts??? Joe is quite insistent that I have some “color issues” when it comes to seeing the difference between shades of blue and green. Am I nuts?

decal 2

decal 3

decal 1

11 Responses to “Opinions Wanted:”

  1. Sara Says:

    Steve and I both agree that it is definitely green!

  2. Ron Says:

    Looks green to me. but then so does “The Date Chair.”

  3. heather Says:

    It’s always hard to tell true colors on screen, but I see the green you’re talking about. You might need do a lighter, white/gray since it’s going over such a dark color.
    Or, since they look true gray with the white surround still on it, what if you (and this might be a ridiculous amount of work) went back and just outlined the detail in and around the gray petals with white?
    Or paint a white square on the wall to place the decals, then it’ll look just like you had it mapped out.

    Love that purple color though… it looks almost identical to Savannah’s bedroom (which we have painted at least part of her room in in each of the four bedrooms she’s had in her life!).

  4. Julie Says:

    It does look a little green, but it still looks cute. I do love the wall color.

  5. Earth Muffin Says:

    Love the purple wall…and I see the green, but think it looks ok. However, if you don’t like it, maybe go with a darker, more pewter-looking grey. It would look good next to the black of the crib. Our computer room has purple walls and we have a pewter switchplate and darker-grey curtains and it looks really good. Or, so I think…

  6. Crystal Says:

    Oh girl, that is definitely GREEN!!! If you have color issues then so do I, because I see green as plain as day.

  7. Robin Says:

    I do think it looks slightly green. But it does look ok to me. But if you don’t like it change it! You won’t be happy later. You’ll always wish you changed it. We had a REALLY hard time with the grey paint in Mitchell’s room. Grey can be green very easily.

  8. Bella Says:

    grey’s are impossible to deal with around other color. your eyes play nasty tricks on you. just ask my printers who HATE me when I send back piece after piece letting them know that the grey “just isn’t right”.

    I say…either put them up and trace around the shape and then paint in the traced area (or ask someone with a steady hand to come paint in the traced areas….or ask the woman who printed them for new colors (which may be tough).

    PS if you don’t use those let me know. I may buy them off you for the new apartment.

  9. Two Lines On a Stick Says:

    I see the green. I love the purple though. B’s walls are lavender/purple and I really think her room is so… pleasant… um when she’s not screaming in it!

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