The Many Faces of Elle


If you’ve ever met Elle in person, you have probably noticed that she can be pretty animated.  She may or may not get that trait from me.  My sister-in-law says that I talk with my eyebrows.  Anyway, one of my favorite things to do it watch Elle look at herself in the rearview mirror in the car.  She’ll just sit there and make faces at herself.  It’s hillarous!  So tonight I tried to capture some of those faces on camera.  I’m not convienced that I did it justice, but it’ll do.  The “thinking” face is probably my favorite.


6 Responses to “The Many Faces of Elle”

  1. kristi Says:

    1. i think you got happy and excited mixed up

    2. i’d kill her at this game. rookie league.

  2. Robin Says:

    She’s the cutest! I love the Happy and Surprises Elle. Please don’t bring the pouty one here..

  3. jmlange13 Says:

    They all make me laugh! She makes me laugh! I especially love the pouty one. 😀

  4. Nicole Says:

    Oh, I love this! My favorite is surprise. And then nervous. Too cute!

  5. Scott Says:

    best blog ever!

  6. Bella Says:

    LOVE IT! the best of her faces though is when she thinks what you said is dumb and she gets that sarcastic “are you kidding me?” face. It kills me.

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