Tonight is sorta bittersweet.  It’s our last night at home as a family of three (we have stuff going on the next 2 nights).  As excited as I am about welcoming Paisley to our family, I know that it is going to bring so many changes.  Good changes, but changes none the less.  Plus, add to that the fact that I’m a little uncertain of how Elle is going to handle everything.  I know eventually she’ll be fine, but I’m preparing myself for a bit of jealousy and regression.  It’s just part of the  game.

I should have planned a little better and blocked tonight off & filled it with Elle centered stuff…but that didn’t happen.  Joe is currently outside mowing, there is a HUGE mound of laundry that must be conquered, and Elle is in time out.  Great family night!

But!  I did make dinner!  And we ate together.  And.  And!  To top it off, Elle ate her entire meal without me once reminding/encouraging her to eat.  It was glorious.  Kinda like God’s little gift to me!

Umm, I’d better get going.  Did I mention that I have yet to pack a bag for the hospital (gasp) or instal the infant car seat (the horror)?


9 Responses to “Bittersweet”

  1. Bella Says:

    I’m so jazzed…I wish it were Thursday night. Cause that would mean tomorrow I would be hangin out with my new niece. I hope she doesn’t hate me as much as Elle did when she was a baby. It was a hard first year.

  2. Katie Says:

    She’s do great!!! Also, if you just leave the laundry, I’m sure someone will do it…=) Take advantage, lady!

  3. Katie Says:

    Let’s make that “She’LL” do great, instead of She’S do great. Sheesh.

  4. Ron Says:

    hey. listen to the voice of experience. (me.) you started off as a family of 2. then you were 2+1. Now you’ll be 2+1+1. Oh, and I almost forgot. Someday you’ll be 2+2-1. And then 2+2-1-1. Life is a journey. Enjoy … totally drink in each and every stage and experience. As a 2+1+1+1-1-1-1 I can promise you each stage holds its own riches. I would not trade any of them! (oh, and you survived your brothers!)

  5. Maureen Says:

    I have to say I totally understand your worry/excitement. With our #2 on the way in October, I have a mix of excitement and dread going on in my head.

    I am assured, by many mothers of multiple children, that although life does totally change the change is good and life will settle into a new normal.

    Let’s both hope that is true…

    I am excited to meet Ms. Paisley though!

  6. Scott Says:

    your pregnant?

  7. Robin Says:

    You will ALL do awesome. I know those concerns you have. But you will be floored when Paisley arrives. It will seem as if she’s always been there. Its amazing how God provides. Get that bag packed!! No worries about the car seat. The nurses can install it. They put Reagan’s in the truck for She was the fourth and rode home stuffed into the back seat of Matt’s

  8. Tanya Says:

    Playing up the big sister role will go a looong way in helping Elle embrace her little sister’s arrival. Camryn was not sure about Brooke’s arrival. When she met Brooke in the hospital I remember the look on her face (She was 3 years old too) and I worried about how she was feeling. She had a new “big sister” shirt to wear and I gave her some one on one time while everyone else gloated over the baby. I made sure that she understood that she is a big sister now, like her older sisters. That was all it took and she was on board, in that moment I could see the transformation.
    The extra time will Elle will be more important after Paisley arrives.
    That is when the one on one time counts the most. It will just be more planned than before.

    Now if I can just survive my 12 year olds puberty, I can get through anything!

  9. Linda Says:

    Joyfully praying for you!

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