Overcoming The Negative


Today was supposed to be my first day back to work…but some things have gotten in the way of that. First of all, Joe is in Little Rock with the band. He left yesterday morning and as they were pulling into Little Rock their van died (remember that van, it like to die in inconvenient places). They are thinking it’s a transmission issue. Never a fun issue, especially on a “valuable” vehicle like this. Anyway, they are stuck in Little Rock. Then this morning the girls & I were heading out the door to church. We were even running 5 minutes ahead of schedule! I should have know that was a sign that bad things were to come. My car won’t start. Ugh. Needless to say, I’m pretty frustrated. Luckily my mom is on her way to help. Not sure how much the 2 of us can do, but we could at least change the battery…and I can purchase a gallon of milk.

So I thought I’d try to stay positive remember all the fun things that happened while I was on maternity leave & not the crummy way it’s ending.

Paisley started smiling. That girls smile can totally light up the room. I’ve been trying to catch it on the camera but I haven’t been successful yet.

Elle has morphed a big Mom fan. If I would let her, she’d sit on the couch and snuggle next to me all day. Now if I could only get her to listen to me when I give her a direction.

Joe has sharpened his diaper changing skills. The boy can change a diaper in no time flat now.

Elle experienced Six Flags for the first time. Joe’s Dad & Step-mom took her and she had a blast.

I turned 29 (see, I’m making this a positive thing)! Joe is still 27…but not for long.

I got the best gift ever.

Elle fell madly in love with Andes Mints. She’s obsessed & it cracks me up. What 3 year old loves mint?

Recently Elle said, “Which reminds me…” & I laughed really hard.

My oldest daughter now receives Scholastic Book Orders. Oh how I adore Book Orders!

Even though I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep, I really haven’t felt too tired. Paisley is really good about going right back to sleep after night feedings.

Our parents have been visiting a lot lately. I love my family!

Many friends have made us meals. Not cooking is a very positive thing.

Ok, that helped me get over my little pity party. Now off to focus on the girls & pray that Joe somehow gets home today.


6 Responses to “Overcoming The Negative”

  1. Nicole Says:

    good for you, seeing the positive! πŸ™‚

    hoping joe will get home today, and that you can get the jeep running again soon.

  2. heather Says:

    I love book orders too! I recently rejoined the doubleday book club just so I can have my own book orders again. πŸ™‚ Fun.

  3. Jan Says:

    We definitely missed you this morning. At least it was a sick car and not a sick child or mom that kept all of you home. πŸ™‚

    I’ll pray that Joe can get home soon.

  4. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I am assuming your husband made it home ok…we never got word from them either way. Last time I talked to Joe was when they were in Cape G. We were so glad that they were already in Little Rock when they started having problems with the van…it could have been so much worse if they had been between “homes”.
    The guys were really funny talking about the van not going in reverse and them having to push the van out of the driveway. But I guess things are always funny at 2:00 am.

    Love you guys!!!

  5. Jeff your Uncle Says:

    Hey sorry about the bad luck…the nice thing about life is you get bad luck and forget about all the good luck you have had.

    Good Luck #1: You have Jesus!!!

    Good Luck #2: You are pretty. Actually Beautiful!

    Good Luck #3: You scored Joe (Probably #2 helped there!)

    Good Luck #4: You have beautiful healthy children (see 1,2, 3 for the why and hows)

    Good Luck #5: You have a wonderful family.

    Good Luck #6: Your in-laws are the best! (I want them and I have pretty good in-laws).

    Good Luck #7: You have an Uncle who loves you and prays for you even though you probably think he is just a short wierdo, who makes bad jokes and smells funny. (Maybe this should go on the bad luck side) πŸ™‚

  6. Butch(Dad) Says:

    I am glad it was just the battery!! πŸ™‚

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