2 Contests for the Price of 1


Alright, so over on the Fundamental Elements blog they are doing a little contest. It’s actually kinda fun. They have a show this Friday in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. Super cool venue and it will be a great show. They are playing up the Duck Room Theme & asking readers to put words in the Rubber Duckies Mouth. It can be anything…doesn’t necessarily have to be anything about the band or the event. Ok! So this is where things get good. The only have 2 people who have submitted entries. The winner gets 2 passes into the show on Friday (actually it’s to the passes to the entire festival type thing)…but I’m going to up the prize. If a Kellogues reader wins (you have to let me know in the comments here that you submitted to their contest) not only will they get the passes to the show but they will also get a surprise package from me. I’ll send you a package filled with several of my favorite autumn products (think Pumpkin Spice Latte and other fun autumnal things).

So, really even if you can’t go to their show on Friday…you could still win something uber cool. Get those creative juices flowing and don’t forget to comment on both blogs.  While you’re at it add  the FE blog to your google reader so you can keep up with them.


8 Responses to “2 Contests for the Price of 1”

  1. j. debra halsmith Says:

    Hiya Kelli,

    Posted my ducky comments!

    blessings to you and the little ones!

    blessings ‘n’ hugs,


  2. Jeff your Brother Says:

    You are a marketing mavin!

  3. Robin Says:

    I did it!

  4. Scott Says:


  5. Scott Says:

    hope i win!

  6. Scott Says:






    Hoho! I crack myself up.

  7. Scott Says:


  8. Erika Kleine Says:

    Ok, I posted this on the FE blog. You always did know the best forms of bribery.


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