Finally, Pioneer Woman


Sorry for the delay.  I have been going non-stop for the past 48 hours.  Yesterday I was so busy that I sent Nicole a text at 3 saying, “Does it mean you’re having a busy day if it’s 3pm & have you haven’t had time for breakfast or lunch?”  We have a huge Christmas event at church this week & I’ve been super busy helping get ready for that.  Anyway…

The book signing for The Pioneer Woman was a ton of fun.  This was the only book signing that I have ever been to so there isn’t much for me to compare it to, but when you’re a fan of the author it’s fun.  Nicole & I arrived at Christ Church Cathedral around 5:30 (I think) where we purchased our books & snagged the closest 3 seats possible.   Bethany arrived a tad behind & and we just chatted up a storm.

As we were talking about my girls, the lovely lady sitting of front of us turned around and said, “Are you talking about Elle McGill!?  Are you Kelli from Kellogues!?”  HA!!  She has been reading my blog for quite some time.  How fun is that!?  Anyway, Julie, it was so nice to meet you.  Here is a pic of me & Julie. (Please ignore how awkward I look in the picture.  I was holding Paisley (who I cropped out of the pic because I was cradling her & it looked like I was nursing her…which I WASN’T (I can’t do that in public)) & there was a row of chairs in between the 2 of us.  So let’s blame my double in this pic on those factors & pretend it isn’t always there, ok?)

Around 7:00 Ree made her grand entrance & answered questions for about 45 minutes.  She was a lot like I expected her to be, except maybe a little shyer (is that a word?).  But she was very normal, sweet, down to earth.  Oh & super skinny, how she manages that with those recipes I don’t know.

After that we sat…and sat…and sat patiently waiting for our turn to get our cookbooks signed.  When finally got our turns it was fun because Nicole & I were spotted by another blog reader.  Hi, Hannah!!  Hannah was assisting Ree by prepping books & taking pictures.  Fun job, right!

As we approached her table, PW asked us to give her one second to re-apply her lipstick.  Her lips were dry & she apologized multiple times for primping in front of us.  So funny.  Anyway, we got our picture taken with her & she commented that Paisley’s foot rubbed against her.  She’s got a thing for babies so it was fun to have Paisley there.  And can you just note how close my face is to hers in this picture?  What in the world was I thinking.  Hey Kel, give the girl some space!  You may feel like you know her, but she doesn’t feel the same way about you!  Sheesh!  Sorry, PW!


6 Responses to “Finally, Pioneer Woman”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this! But, of course, wasn’t going to pester you since you haven’t had time to eat in the last two days and stuff.


    And hello, I’m cozied up to Ree just as much as you are. And, we were a little bit behind her, so it wasn’t quite as close as it looks. I’m just sayin’.

  2. linda Says:

    I’ve been waiting, too, so am glad to get to read of your fun evening!

  3. Hannah Says:

    HI! Cute post, Kelli. Don’t worry about getting into PW’s bubble… she kept telling everyone that she had “no concept of personal space” – she wanted you to get close! (especially while holding Paisley, I’m sure!)

  4. tiffanynevil Says:

    SO JEALOUS! I don’t know if I have much more to say other than that….except that you better be cooking with an awesome book like that!

  5. Rachel Says:

    Hi! We met briefly the other night at PW’s book signing! My cousin is Julie from the above picture who you also met. Julie was nice enough to share your blog address with me so I could check it out & of course see her picture with you. I was sitting next to Julie & we had a conversation with you & your friends about ’18 Kids & Counting’. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me visiting & checking out your blog. I’m anxious to start reading all about you & your family. Julie, Krista(the other girl w/us the other night) & I all had a great time at the book signing. It was my first book signing & we all really enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to meet you & your little cutie & your friends.

  6. Julie Holtgrave Says:

    It was like being at the oscars–two celebrities in one night. Good luck with your christmas events at church.

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