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Lazy Day

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today was the perfect lazy day.  After all our running around yesterday, I was wiped out.  So wiped out that we slept until noon.  I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that!  It was glorious.  Knowing that today was going to be super cold & windy here, we saved some indoor things for today.  And by super cold & windy I mean, like child chills dipping below zero.  I don’t mind cold, but that is too cold for walking around a city.

So after waking up and enjoying a “breakfast” of Dunkin Donuts, we went down to Macy’s to check out the infamous Christmas window displays.  They were so amazing…but again it was cold so we didn’t stick around too long.

Then we went straight a movie theater where we spent the rest of the day.  Ok, not the REST of the day but we caught 2 movies.  Nine was our first stop.  It was good!  I recommend checking it out.  And later in the evening we saw Up In the Air which was also great.  Plus it was just fun to watch that one & try to spot the St Louis landmarks.  Oh & who doesn’t enjoy 2 hours of watching George Clooney, I mean seriously?

Yup, that was pretty much our day!  And it was great, exactly the day I needed after how insanely nuts our month of December has been.


The One Where Kelli Wets Her Pants

Monday, December 28, 2009

Soooo.  I just had the most amazing couple hours.  Let me give you the backstory.  In college, Joe spent a semester in Martha’s Vineyard at this little tiny music program.  He came away from that semester with several friends & they have all remained close over the years.  His friend, Phil, now lives here in NYC.  So today we met Phil for lunch.  After lunch he gave us a little walking tour of the West Village where he lives with his partner, Vince.  So we got to see SOOO many famous Sex & The City sites with my new gay best friend.  It was amazing & incredibly hard not to squeal like a girl…although I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded (he knew much more about the show than I did).

Here is my little photo tour:

"Cowgirl" Where Carrie & Miranda stumbled upon Steve & Aidan with their new girlfriends

Carrie's Street

Carrie's stoopYou can’t see it in this picture, but the home owner got so tired of people posing for pictures on her stoop that she put a chain up so you can’t get on the steps.  Can’t say I blame her!  She did put a little collection box next to the chain that says pictures are free, but donations are welcome.  You could donate in a little locked box to some animal shelter.  Why am I assuming that the homeowner is a woman??  Probably because it’s Carrie’s house 🙂

Carrie's house is so pretty

We also went to Sarah Jessica Parkers real house.  Well, when I say “went to”, I mean that we walked past it.  I didn’t take a picture because I was in shock that I could be standing mere feet from her.  I was trying to hard to to wet myself.  Oddly enough, her house looks JUST LIKE Carrie’s house & is just around the block.  Seriously, the backs of the houses probably line right up.  I had no idea.

And to top it all off, Phil took us here:

Friends!! I'm not sure they ever shot there, this was their apartment building. It's RIGHT down the street from where Phil lives. I wonder if he needs a roommate?

You Had Me At Bacon

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ahhh….New York City.  There’s no place like it!  Yesterday after church Joe & I kissed the girls & hopped on a plane.  Our 7th anniversary is in a few week so when our boss closed the church for the week we decided to take advantage of the extra days off and celebrate in style.  We came to NYC on our honeymoon (& one other time since then too) & we kinda love this city.

We started off the evening by dinner at Schnippers where Joe had one of the “best burgers of his life”.  He decided that if a movie is ever made of our life it would be a romantic comedy (heavy on the comedy) titled “You Had Me At Bacon”.  I kinda agree.

Oh & as we were walking into Schnippers we saw Batman riding a bicycle.  See…only in New York, there’s no place like it.

After dinner we got on the subway & went down to Greenwich Village, which is a part on the city that I had never been to.  We stumbled upon Washington Square Park where I immediately started thinking about Gilmore Girls & When Harry Met Sally.  Here I am at Washington Square Park (where Sally dropped of Harry when they first arrived in the city):

Then we got a little lost & Joe got a little frustrated because we were trying to find the ONE thing on this trip that he wanted to do.  Cafe Wha? was his only request…but we did find it eventually.  We even got there before the house band began playing.  They were great & Joe really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it too but he enjoys music a lot more than I do…plus I was super tired & had enjoyed my 1st (2nd) adult beverage in over a year & I was reminded how little alcohol it takes to effect me.  Whew.

And now the shower is calling my name.  Joe ran to get Starbucks so I’d better hurry!  Oh wait!  Did I mention that we slept in until 10am??  Oh & I haven’t changed a diaper in 24 hours??

Club Mac

Friday, December 25, 2009

For Christmas my AMAZING husband shocked me with the most exciting gift I’ve ever received.  A MACBOOK!  I pretty much freaked out.  I had zero idea.

Joe, Elle & I had a little fun with it tonight (Paisley was in bed already, plus she doesn’t make funny faces):



Monday, December 21, 2009

So, I don’t want to brag or anything but I’m pretty sure we have the best Christmas Cards EVER this year.  Sara over at Less Ordinary Designs created them for us.  She did an amazing job!

Here isthe front:

and the back:

Elle LOVES it!  It did take her quite awhile to be convinced that “Noel” is a word.  We would sing the song & she’d request that we’d sing “NoPais or NoMom” next.  But now that she know that Noel means Merry Christmas in France (where Madeline lives) she loves it.  In fact, when someone tells her “Merry Christmas” she’ll reply with “Noel”!  It’s adorable.

So…Noel everyone!