Dear Blog Friends,


I am so sorry that I haven’t been around too much lately. I can easily come up with a dozen excuses for my absence, but nobody likes excuses so please just forgive me. Over the past couple weeks there have been dozens of short blogs floating around in my head. I thought that today I would just share a couple of those with you.

Blog #1

Potty words have become a HUGE issue at our house. Elle finds them all hilarous & honestly when they first started creeping up it was hard not to laugh. But now it’s incredibly easy not to laugh, it’s gotten out of control. I think the highlight of the potty words was about 2 weeks ago. Elle & I were at the grocery store. It was pretty quiet there. As we were walking down an aisle, it was just a man in his mid-thirties, elle & myself. As we walked past the man, Elle starts marching and singing rather loudly, “I love my buttcrack! I love my buttcrack!”. Needless to say, the man started laughing & I quickly appoligized. At that point I knew we had a problem that needed to be addressed.

We have been talking a lot about nice words & potty words the past couple weeks. Elle is well aware of what she should & should not be saying. Yesterday we were helping my dad do some Christmas shopping. As we were leaving the mall, Elle shared a secret with my dad. It was a secret that she made him promise not to tell her mom. What to know her secret? She whispered in his ear, “You’re a tooty-head!” Sigh. I’m considering it a victory that she knows that she isn’t supposed to say those words. Now we’ll start working on why she shouldn’t say those words.

Blog #2

Paisley is the sweetest little baby. She bring joy to my day. Her babysitter often tells her to stop smiling and eat. Oh & she has entered the jabbering stage. The child “talks” all the time. It’s adorable, but it frightens me. If she talks as much as she jabbers she will totally talk more than Elle. I didn’t think that was possible. Poor Joe, 3 talkative women.

Blog #3

Last night we were leaving the mall (yup, we had 2 mall trips in 1 day). As we were walking past the escalator there was a mom & her teenage daughter getting on it. Elle looked right at the 2 strangers & says, “What’s the big idea!?!?” They were cracking up. There’s not a shy bone in her body.

Blog #4

All Christmas presents are purchased, 50% are wrapped. Joe helped me wrap last weekend. It was seriously the highlight of my week. He was such a trooper trying to help, but frustrated that he didn’t do a great job. If you ever need a good laugh, I highly recommend having a male help you with your gift wrapping. It won’t disappoint.

Blog #5

Have you seen how big this child is getting? And this picture is 3 weeks old!

Thanksgiving Day

Ok, dear friends, I promise to be around more often. I’m quickly realizing that if I don’t write down the details of our life I quickly forget…and that would be a shame.


7 Responses to “Dear Blog Friends,”

  1. Jan Says:

    Paisley is perfect! Growing and thriving! Love that she is a happy baby!

    I am very amused at how often she looks *surprised* in photos. 😀

  2. Jan Says:

    And hey, I hope Joe is working on a new blog header photo for you for Christmas. You’re a family of 4 now. 😀

  3. Bella Says:

    last night Elle grabbed my hand as we were leaving and she said “by poop” as if that was my name. she then followed that up by saying “don’t tell my mom I said bye poop”. I said I wouldn’t, but here I am.

    I said “bye poop” back, so I’m officially the coolest and most untrustworthy aunt ever.

  4. illinigirl Says:

    I wish I could run into Elle on the street and hear her Elleisms. . . While I’m sure it’s less enjoyable as Mom. . . I can see how it would crack someone up and make someone’s day. 😀

    Paisely is a doll. . . Love the outfit!

  5. Mfitzhugh Says:

    I have to admit that I did Laugh Out Loud at the grocery store incident and secrets told to your dad & laura…sorry mom!

  6. tiffanynevil Says:

    Ugh…girl the potty words only get worse. At least for Cooper they have. I’m so sick of being called a “tootie head” by the way. I have also had conversations with Cooper about potty words and how we don’t talk like that, but it seems to be of no use. In fact, he crossed the line recently and I finally had to threaten him with hot sauce in his mouth if he didn’t obey. (Just one drop and he’s more scared of it than anything else.) The good news is, the hot sauce threat seemed to work. WHEW!

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