The One Where Kelli Wets Her Pants


Soooo.  I just had the most amazing couple hours.  Let me give you the backstory.  In college, Joe spent a semester in Martha’s Vineyard at this little tiny music program.  He came away from that semester with several friends & they have all remained close over the years.  His friend, Phil, now lives here in NYC.  So today we met Phil for lunch.  After lunch he gave us a little walking tour of the West Village where he lives with his partner, Vince.  So we got to see SOOO many famous Sex & The City sites with my new gay best friend.  It was amazing & incredibly hard not to squeal like a girl…although I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded (he knew much more about the show than I did).

Here is my little photo tour:

"Cowgirl" Where Carrie & Miranda stumbled upon Steve & Aidan with their new girlfriends

Carrie's Street

Carrie's stoopYou can’t see it in this picture, but the home owner got so tired of people posing for pictures on her stoop that she put a chain up so you can’t get on the steps.  Can’t say I blame her!  She did put a little collection box next to the chain that says pictures are free, but donations are welcome.  You could donate in a little locked box to some animal shelter.  Why am I assuming that the homeowner is a woman??  Probably because it’s Carrie’s house 🙂

Carrie's house is so pretty

We also went to Sarah Jessica Parkers real house.  Well, when I say “went to”, I mean that we walked past it.  I didn’t take a picture because I was in shock that I could be standing mere feet from her.  I was trying to hard to to wet myself.  Oddly enough, her house looks JUST LIKE Carrie’s house & is just around the block.  Seriously, the backs of the houses probably line right up.  I had no idea.

And to top it all off, Phil took us here:

Friends!! I'm not sure they ever shot there, this was their apartment building. It's RIGHT down the street from where Phil lives. I wonder if he needs a roommate?


3 Responses to “The One Where Kelli Wets Her Pants”

  1. Tammy(MOM) Says:

    nooo Phil don’t let her move in….. grandma’s need a nap… LOL seriously jealous of the personal tour…. good for you!

  2. jess Says:

    Oooo man kelli! That is so awesome!!

  3. Robin Says:

    WHAT FUN!!!! I’m extremely jealous! Just watching your trip makes me want to go so badly!!

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