Seven Years


Seven years ago today was a pretty amazing day, if I do say so myself.  It was the start of this little family.  This little insane family…that I absolutely adore.  I’m pretty sure we had a memorable wedding ceremony for all of our guests.  First of all, my dad was officiating  & he wrote the entire ceremony especially for us .  It had so many personal references & touches, it was so fun (we THINK that me may have accidentally printed off the wrong wedding ceremony for my brother 5 years later & did our wedding again for them).  PLUS then our unity candle wouldn’t light.  It brought a little comic relief for everyone for a good 3 minutes while we tried to figure out what to do. To this day, I hold my breath when I’m at a wedding & they go to light the unity candle.

Anyway, Joe & I have had an amazing 7 years.  I thought I’d share of the highlight with ya’ll.

Jan 11, 2003  The big day

Jan 12, 2003  Off to NYC

Jan 20, 2003 Kel returns to her teaching job that she started 1 week before the wedding

Feb 2003 Joe returns to GC for his last semester of college

May 2003 Joe graduated with a degree in digital media & lands a job doing web design stuff.  He worked in his PJs from home.  And I survived my first (& most difficult) group of students.

Aug 2003 We buy our 1st car (the jeep that I still drive…ya know, the one that has needed the transmission replaced TWICE)

Sep 2003 We moved to Missouri

Nov 2003 We adopted the most adorable puppy in the wide world.

Dec 2003 That most adorable puppy chewed up everything we owned (including my glasses, our night stand, the wall, countless CDs, etc) & what she didn’t chew on she peed on.

Jan 2004 Joe switched jobs & we started attending our new church (which was where he works)

Jan 2004 We still didn’t order wedding pictures, but we did celebrate our 1st anniversary

March 2004 We both attempt to do the South Beach Diet…and failed…miserably

May 2005 Kel quit her teaching job

May/June 2005 We take a trip with the McGill family to NYC, Cooperstown NY & Niagara Falls

July 2005 We take a trip with the Woods & Iskarous family to Madeline Island

August 2005 Knocked up

Nov 2005 Kelli starts her new job at our church.

March 2006 Joe & Kelli experience the longest day of their lives…lamaze

May 2006 Elle Parker enters the world!

June 2006 We move into our first house!

July 2006 Fix Elle’s “issues” by getting some help from our amazing pediatrician for her gas issues.  Seriously changed her little world.

Jan 2007 Joe joins Fundamental Elements

May 2007 Celebrated the first year of Elle & how we managed to now screw her up…yet

July 2007 My brother, Scott, & Amanda get married

July 2007 We manage to ween Elle from her pacifier without her even noticing.  Honestly, it was amazing & shocking all at the same time.

Oct 2007 Kelli enters the blog world & kellogues is born

…this is getting lengthy, let’s fast forward…

Oct 2008 Kelli’s other brother, Chris, & Laura got married in Colorado.  The whole family made the trip out & had a blast.  We decide in anyone else gets married they should to it destination style.

Nov 2008 Knocked up again

March 2009 Joe has an emergency appendectomy

May 2009 Elle turns three & gains lot whole lotta “personality”  (yeah, we’ll call it personality)

Aug 2009 Paisley Rae is welcomed to our family

Sept 2009 The reality of having multiple children hits Kelli.

Dec 2009 Joe & Kelli escape for a little getaway

Jan 11, 2010 Celebrated 7 years


7 Responses to “Seven Years”

  1. Jess Says:

    loved this post!

  2. heather Says:

    Yay for you! And may the next seven be even better!

  3. Katie Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Ron Says:

    And the best daughter … the daughter that I would have requested had God asked me to design my own … is still the best daughter that a man could ever have. In some ways the day of your wedding seems like yesterday. In some ways it seems like 20 years. But it was one of the favorite days of my life. And I’m so glad that I gave you to the only man whose love for you could ever rival mine.

    And to this day … “Unforgettable…”

    I love you, Kelli. I love you, Joe. I love you, Elle. I love you, Paisley.

  5. Nicole Says:

    Congrats! I loved reading the breakdown of high points through the years!

  6. Robin Says:

    Congrats!! I wish my memory was this good!! What a fun walk down memory lane!

  7. Jeff your Uncle Says:

    Good job… well done… I would expect nothing less… When two good looking talented people get together and keep their eye on the Lord… You get what you deserve… I am ugly and Jeanne is good looking keeping that together 23 years now that is something… 🙂

    I hope and pray for nothing but the best for you and your family.

    With Love… Jeff your Uncle…

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