Five Months Down


Can you believe that Miss Paisley was born 5 months ago?  Sheesh, slow down littler girl.  Paisley continues to be the most content child I have ever seen.  She completely happy to just be along for the ride.  I love that about her.  Up until this point napping had been an issue, but we’ve cracked her code.  Swaddle.  Makes all the difference in the world.  She’s getting two solid naps a day now.  Pais rolled over once, but I’m considering it a fluke, because it’s been a week & she hasn’t done it again.  I’m just thinking that we make babies that lean toward verbal skills not toward gross motor skills.  That’s cool.  I’m fairly sure that she’ll be rolling over by the time she’s 16.  Right?

She also had cereal for the first time this week.  Not sure how much really made it down her throat.  Pais is well known for her drool.  The child never closes her mouth!  I would place the cereal in her mouth & she’d just sit there with her mouth open & the cereal sitting there.  Eventually it would just slide out her mouth (along with lots of drool).  I was cracking up.  We’ll give it a try again tonight.

And just because I love my crazy family, I needed to share these with you:


4 Responses to “Five Months Down”

  1. Ron Says:

    i cannot WAIT to hear Paisley’s voice. I hope she doesn’t sound like Scott or Chris ….

  2. illinigirl Says:

    I love Elle’s rose prop! What a cute family. 🙂

  3. Jan Says:

    Just when I thought Paisley couldn’t possibly get any cuter…. she did. And oh my heavens, that pic of Joe with his girls is just great!

  4. tiffanynevil Says:

    Oh my lanta! We need video of the cereal experience! And she is too adorable. Her hair looks red in the last pic!

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