January Pictures


We’ve had a busy few weeks around here.  I thought I’m share some of the pictures with ya’ll.

Last week Joe was the “Mystery Parent” at Elle’s preschool.  It was adorable!  She had no idea that he was coming in (as you can tell in the picture she was playing dress up when we arrived).  She beamed the entire time.  Joe brought in his guitar.  They sang some songs, got to strum his guitar, talked about instruments, & helped him write a “song”.

Paisley learned to love cereal.

Joe, Lee & Matt watched the kids so us girls (Kelli & Nicole) could have some girl time.  But the best part is that it was their idea.  The took the kids to Monkey Joe’s & fed them dinner while us ladies got pedicures, shopped & had dinner.  It was lovely!  Here’s a pic of all the children polishing off some fruit during their picnic in our living room.  I especially enjoy how they basically just threw a food on the floor and let the children figure it out.

I greatly enjoyed my new macbook!  My old computer was very, very tired.  So tired that the screen was having trouble standing upright!  Elle got to pick out her own PJs.  I have no idea where she learned to pose like this?

Speaking of ridiculous outfits.  I got an awesome deal on this dress & cap for Elle…but she wore the hat like this.  Sigh.  We did end up having a lesson on how to wear it, but the camera wasn’t around at that point.  Good thing she’s open to be trained.

There ya have it!  January pictures!  It’s hard to believe that a month ago we were in NYC.  Seems like 6 months ago.


5 Responses to “January Pictures”

  1. Mfitzhugh Says:

    That hat cracks me up! I’m sure when worn as intended, it’s cute with that cute dress…but worn as Elle put it on makes her look like she’s got an alien head…cute, but still an alien head ;0)

  2. Jan Says:

    And I was going to say that with the hat on that way Elle looks like a mushroom. 🙂

    Those guys (Joe, Lee and Matt) are better than awesome. My favorite part of that whole thing is that it was their idea. What an excellent way to honor your wives, guys!

  3. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I am so glad you posted these pictures. Those girls of yours are too cute. Next time I make it to STL you have to promise that we can spend more time together!!! We will be better at planning next time. =)

    I love the pics of Joe at Elle’s school…you can tell that she was so excited to have her daddy there for a little while.

    Love you guys!!

  4. Kelli Says:

    Haha! I love the pic of the kids on the floor with a big pile of grapes in between them. That’s awesome. You know – dads have the right idea. Why do us moms make so much work for ourselves cutting up fruit and making individual plates? Why don’t we just throw a plate in the middle and let them feed like animals? Those boys…they’re brilliant!

    And I love Elle’s dress and hat…especially with her own unique way of wearing it. 🙂

  5. Robin Says:

    Love them all! How awesome that Joe was able to be the MP!! I know that had to make her day. Thanks for sharing!

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