My Family Is Cooler Than Your Family


Last night Joe & I were in the car (alone…gasp!) chatting about how amazing our family is.  Seriously, we could not be part of a more loving and supporting group.  Just when life gets complicated or hard, they are right there to pick you up, dust you off, & love you like crazy.

Want an example?  About 3 years ago my younger brother Scott was feeling led to head to Chicago to take an internship with Willow Creek Community Church.  As amazing as the opportunity was, it meant heading to a big city and a big church where he knew nobody.  He was a little apprehensive & guess who came to the rescue.  My family!

The weekend before Scott was to roll out of town, my Dad had the hair-brain idea to organize a parade in honor of him. I mean really, who does that?  So Saturday afternoon, around 4pm, we all met up at the church parking lot (about 1/2 mile from my parents house).  When we got there about a dozen cars & about 30 friends waiting to celebrate Scott.  Not only had they all filled buckets with candy, but they also made signs to hang on their cars.  It was…awesome!  (And to add to how awesome my WHOLE family is, all my in-laws even came to the parade.)

Scott had no idea, he was just instructed to be sitting in our parent’s driveway in a lawn chair at 4.  I am so upset that I don’t have pictures of this all going down.  Picture it, my brother sitting in the driveway, alone, in a lawn chair, with a bottle of  rootbeer in hand.

The parade was amazing.  We all just drove slowly down the  street, honked our horns, chucked candy at him.  One of our friends even walked behind his wife (who was driving their car) playing his tuba.  Our neighbors all gathered outside to enjoy the parade too.

It was priceless…and exactly perfect for our family.

UPDATE:  Ok, my memories were a little off once my Dad sent pics


16 Responses to “My Family Is Cooler Than Your Family”

  1. Ron Says:

    pictures are on the way!

  2. Denise Says:

    Your family is WAY cooler than any other family I know… For the exact reasons you described, and because they give of their love and friendship so easily. I am blessed to know even just a fraction of them. (and that includes you, sweetie!)

  3. jimmah Says:

    that parade was so great!!!!! i can’t believe how long ago it really was… seems like it was just a few days ago.

  4. Erika Kleine Says:

    You do have an AWESOME family. The Woods’ have touched so many lives and are the templet I use for bringing “crazy love” to my family. I am also blessed to know you all.

  5. Robin Says:

    What a great story!! I wanna join your family!! (not that mine isn’t cool 😉 )

  6. Nicole Says:

    ok, i have a great family, but i think i want to be an honorary member of yours, too! what a fun idea to have a parade for scott!

  7. Ron Says:

    Okay, friends. Membership line forms to the left. Have your applications ready!

  8. Katie Says:

    That’s amazing!!!! I love it!

  9. illinigirl Says:

    What fun!!! My family rocks, too. . . but seriously, they’ve never had a parade for me. *hint*hint*. . . I like double-bubble!

    Okay, my family likely doesn’t read your blog so I’ll have to hint on mine!

  10. Scott Says:

    You have no idea how much I love you. I have the best sister in the world! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! That day has meant so much to me. During all those hard lonely times in Chicago, I knew that only 300 miles away I had a family that loved me, with a truly unconditional love. You have always been one of my biggest cheerleaders, even when that meant I moved far away from you and your kids. I miss you guys so much. After Joe makes it rich in the music world hopefully we will all be able to retire, buy a giant house and we can throw a parade everyday.
    Love ya!

  11. Laura Says:

    Sorry folks. I bought the last ticket into this awesome family. And I have paid dearly trust me 🙂 Just kidding!

    All joking aside….seriously. the. best. family. ever. No one does it funner with a more genuine heart, bigger or better. I’m the most blessed woman on the face of the planet to be given such an awesome opportunity to grow old with these people.

  12. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I love this!!! I need to meet this crazy family of yours…I can only imagine!!!

  13. tiffanynevil Says:

    Families like yours are totally what books are made of! Jeremy and I always talk about how this is the kind of legacy we want to leave for our kids and grandkids. I think my favorite thing about your family is that they are always willing to celebrate everyone no matter what! I am so inspired by all this stuff. Keep telling these stories!

  14. Barb Says:

    Ah…. what fun!!! We’ve made so many memories, haven’t we? I am blessed to be a friend of the family!

  15. Tammy(MOM) Says:

    ahhhhhh good times

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